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Messages from the Hierarchies
Mary tells us to have courage!

I am feeling a magnificent presence. She is telling me:

I am she whom human beings have called “Mary” and who lived two thousand years ago. I am in such joy to be coming to you!

It has been some time since I manifested myself but I would like to now, as feminine energy, the Love Energy and inundate you with my presence.”

Mary is telling me:

There were always schools of Wisdom. You could consider this place as a school of Wisdom, a school with free entry, that is to say that there is no need, as in the time that I was living on Earth, that beings come carrying much baggage to be able to continue to evolve on their spiritual path.

Now, as you have been told, the Great Book of Knowledge is open to everyone; all you need is simply to have the desire to read everything that is written in it, to wish to rediscover all the Knowledge that dwells within you.

I am happy to be able to offer you the gentleness in my heart. I am also happy to be able to offer you the Light that emanates from what I am.

However, I am no longer human at all! If you wish to have a little vision of what I am now, imagine a very luminous Being who can take on a human form and who can even manifest herself physically to you. I did this in ancient times; I do it in the present time and will do so again on Earth. Simply imagine a Being who, just like you, tries to always go further in Love in order to offer it more and more!

Today, I have come to tell you: “Courage! Even if the times are not what you would like them to be, even if in your life you have more or less difficult experiences, have courage!”

I also suffered during my terrestrial life; this suffering allowed me to understand what men are and what I was as a human.

In the present time, suffering is not necessary for the evolution of terrestrial humanity. In ancient times, for the other humanities, suffering was necessary to awaken humans and allow them to know Love because this Love vibration often is born from suffering, on the condition that one does not drown in it.

Therefore, I also suffered but I knew not to drown myself in it because I knew that behind it, Light and Love awaited me. I only suffered for a short time, when I was separated from my beloved Son. We were both prepared for all that happened. However, since I had a human part I was attached to sentiment. It is sentiment that creates suffering! So, no matter what happens in your life, try as I did, to not remain locked in suffering, no matter what it is.

Suffering is an immense block but you must understand it; it is sometimes necessary to experience it to be able to go beyond it. However, in a life, there is not just one type of suffering; there are different types! From the moment that you know the reason for your suffering, you can enlighten it and go beyond it.

I am also happy to be able to tell you that your world will rediscover the Light and the Sun. A new Sun will shine. When I say a “new Sun” I am speaking in the literal and the figurative sense, as you say on Earth, that is to say that a Sun that will be one of serenity, of peace, of fraternity and of Love will enter into human beings. There will also be a second Sun in your sky, a smaller Sun that will give equilibrium.

From that moment, the world will be in balance; this will no longer be a dual world because it will have passed into a totally different vibration. For this to take place, I, Mary, am working very much at the level of Love that I can offer to all human beings. If at this instant I am near you, I am also very active everywhere that I must be.

I help beings very much who reunite and have a pure heart; they are very useful to evolution and give a parcel of themselves without being aware of it, a parcel of Love that is very precious for the evolution of your world and for the passage to a higher dimension.

You can constantly offer Love without being aware of it; it is a state of being very simply! It is the state of being in Love! It is not simply the consciousness to offer Love; it is the state in which you find yourself. And when you are in perfect harmony with yourself, when you are in serenity, in joy, this Love vibration automatically emanates from you that is precious for the world and for the transition.

This transition will take place and you will be helped. I will come to this place more and more often and in many others, as my Son did, to help the Light Workers, the pure beings who really wish to advance and to offer the best that they have in them to all who surround them.

Those who wish it and who have the need may pray to me. Ask me everything that you would like to ask me and I will always do the maximum to respond to your request. You can pray but do not pray with words that do not come from your heart!

Prayers, like those you have learned from the Churches, among others the Catholic and Christian Church, are not the prayers that I expect from you. You can have confidence in what I am! Really speak to me with a wide open heart, just like to a mother, just like to a dear friend, like to a being who never judges. I do not like the word “judgement” because it is a word that is too sad; I prefer to say “like a being who totally accepts what you are”. So do it! Speak! Ask and you will be heard! If it is the moment, you will be rewarded!

Human beings no longer believe, they have no faith! True faith is not necessarily that of the Church; true faith is the consciousness that you have of what exists beyond matter, it is the consciousness that you have of what I am, of what all of your Brothers in the Light are, of what your galactic brothers are and of what the Universe really is.

True faith connects you to what I am, to what your Brothers in the Light are and to what the whole Universe is; you are a part of the Universe; you are a tiny part of it. The Universe also being infinitely small, it is also in you!”

I am now seeing that there is a slightly colored energy emanating from her; it is a mix of rose and gold. It is as if some small clouds emanated from her whose color are difficult to define; these small clouds are spreading around us.

She is telling me:

Above all, Children of the Earth, you must know, as I have said many times that I belong to no religion! My essential religion is Knowledge! My religion (that is not one) was Love!

Sometimes religions slow down humans because they do not understand and because religions, unfortunately, also manipulate human beings.

Therefore my religion is universal Love, faith and belief in this universal Love; it is the belief in what you are, in what those beings are who are helping you; it is the belief that we are united for all eternity; it is the belief that there is a Father-Mother consciousness that created Life and who continues to create it! Life is more and more beautiful and more and more luminous in the worlds, in the solar systems, and also in you.

It is important that you know that my beloved Son and I have never belonged to a religion! Religions were created in my name, in the name of my Son who never wanted any religion because religions, once again, slow down evolution.

A true religion (the word “religion” is not a convenient one) would have as a role to teach Life, to teach what you are, to teach Love. This is what for me has importance. Beliefs are so divergent and contradictory in your current world! Obscurity is invading consciences.

True belief liberates, true belief enlightens! Current beliefs, no matter what they are – religious, political, social, etc. – place obscurity in consciences.

I also intend to tell you that the veils will be removed from human beings. But, for those who have not served the Light when they knew that the Light exists, for those who have always served to the detriment of others, to the detriment of humanity, time is running out! Be certain of this!

Once again, I cannot tell you in how much time because we do not have the right to do so. Neither I, nor those who teach you have the right to describe your future to you with exactitude because this would prevent you from experimenting life and living all of your experiences.

I can however tell you that those who have served themselves before serving their brothers, those who have spread violence and who have dominated, will disappear little by little!”

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