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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Messages from the Hierarchies
Manifestation of Ashtar

“Good evening my brothers of the Earth!

It is imperative that I come to speak to you. Of course I have come many times, presenting myself as your brother from the stars, Ashtar.

If I am manifesting myself to you, it is to tell you that your world is really in motion and that soon we will be near you, that you will first pass through a non-time that will produce itself in each of you; this non-time will manifest itself in the global energy of your Mother Earth and in all lives. It will truly project you towards the fourth dimension that is at the same time a prelude to the fifth dimension but that also presages the great purification.

If I am speaking to you in this way, it is to tell you to have no fear; the only thing that can really allow you to experience the best way possible certain things that will happen in you and certain events that will take place around you, is to develop confidence and Love within, to have total confidence and also to be aware that terrestrial humanity is not abandoned, that we are making more and more contact, physically and visually, with the governments. We are also making contact with scientists, with all those who can advance society towards another consciousness and towards fraternity.

If today we would manifest ourselves to the world, some people, even those who are completely immersed in what you call a religion would say “this is the manifestation of the devil!”

It is first necessary for these people to open and awaken. It is thanks to the consciousness and the Love of those who will have understood that, this awareness gaining ground, beings will be able little by little to understand and to awaken.

There will be a great change in consciousness, a great vibratory change; a change in the conception of life but also a refusal to go towards what is not Light, in you and in your society. However, there will be a moment of hesitation during which beings will no longer know which side to turn to, because the somber light will dress itself up one more time in its best finery in order to manipulate humans who are too gullible.

But the Earth, that has a marvelous mission, will be helped; I would like to say that it will be the last time because afterwards it will become a jewel where it will be good to live, a world that will be a world of permanent resources, a world of Light.

This world of Light will have been in a way created by you, humans, by the blood that you will have spilled, and even by the violence that you will have surpassed. It was necessary to go to the deepest part of matter to be able to bounce back and to climb back up. Current humanity has been to the deepest part of matter and is beginning to bounce back and little by little to climb back up.

They are showing me now many humans and non-humans whose face I do not see; they are activating themselves, they are counseling and they are helping.

There is cohesion between all of these beings who truly wish to help this magnificent planet before anything is set in motion that would be too difficult for humanity and for the planet.

Planet Earth, as with the diverse humanities that have lived on it and within it are coming to the end of their suffering, to the end of obscurity. Now, in all hearts, it is Love and fraternity that are being called for. We have heard your voices, but nevertheless you have the impression that we are deaf to your appeals. We are not deaf, but the transformation of your world, as with that of humans requires a certain amount of time.

It also requires a certain amount of time for humanity to accept its Galactic Brothers; it has been so deceived, so manipulated! It is understandable that it doubts; that it poses itself questions on what we really are. All the answers will soon be given to it.

The moment of no return has arrived! The governments are cornered, with their backs against the wall and they will be obligated in a relatively short time to tell the truth. The obscure part is still in this world but it can no longer have the impact it has had up until this day upon humanity. The consciousness of some beings, politicians, leaders, scientists, etc., is suddenly going to be enlightened. On the other hand, this will not be the case for others because they have gone too deep into the somber light; these will disappear, very simply. They will go and continue their apprenticeship in other worlds.

I, Ashtar, and my Galactic Brothers, are activating ourselves more and more in this world and on several planets of your solar system. We are going to rehabilitate the planet Mars that could then accept a small part of terrestrial humanity. The Great Hierarchies have the capacity to rehabilitate planets; they are the ones who will rehabilitate the planet Mars and the Moon by providing them with a new atmosphere.

All is going to change profoundly in your solar system. This change will take place in a very sudden way and it is for this reason that you must, beginning now, accept us and accept our reality, even if you do not see us.

I see him now; he cuts a fine figure. He is accompanied by other Galactic beings. It is astonishing, I see a Light that emanates from his clothing or maybe from him. He is telling me:

I am a little like you but I am also different. What you perceive is a vibration, an energy that allows us to densify ourselves on the planet Earth and that already allows us to densify ourselves when we wish to contact some important beings in this world. These “important beings” can be artists or athletes because you are very fond of notoriety; this is important for humans, not for all of course but for those who are not yet totally awakened. I and my brothers help and will help more and more those who really serve the Light.

I am simply going to add this: soon you will perceive what you could call a planet or what we call an immense vessel-planet. Do not forget that in order for your solar system to be complete, there needs to be twelve planets and that in order for it to be really in the Love vibration, there must be two suns. This will be! The two suns will manifest themselves at the end of the fourth dimension and at the beginning of the fifth.

With all the power of my Love, I salute you and I will end by telling you: even if sometimes you have the impression that your life is escaping you, even if you have the impression that nothing is going right on your planet, contrary to what you think, all is in the process of stabilizing itself.”

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