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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Messages from the Hierarchies
The law of non-interference

“I am he whom you call “Commander Ashtar”.

You often ask us why there are not contacts made with the heads of governments and why our reality is not divulged, why we are not more active openly and publicly to all our human brothers, why we don't help you to transform your chaotic world.

We have been here since the beginning of terrestrial times! Many of my brothers have come and this since so long ago that the ancestral memory has forgotten it! Your beautiful planet Earth has welcomed in her and on her some very great travelers from space not always coming from your solar system or from your galaxy, but coming from much farther away.

Your little planet was on the border of the galaxy but it has a radiation that is so particular that it has attracted many beings coming from very far away! It has therefore welcomed in its midst, at very different periods, some beings who were more or less evolved. However we have always been present.

I, Ashtar, as well as many of my brothers, have been present in your world for millenniums. You are going to ask us: “How can that be?” We are going to answer you: “We know how to regenerate ourselves! For us, years do not count; our time is not the same as yours!”

If I have come to speak to you, it is to tell you that there have been some very important contacts with many heads of governments. Unfortunately, there have been many pressures for this not to be divulged. We had the possibility of annulling this pressure and to divulge our presence but we have chosen to wait a little while longer because your world is awakening in a very important way. If we had precipitated as a large part of humanity would have liked, if we had manifested our presence this may have created a panic that would have prevented certain beings from opening up and evolving spiritually.

The leaders of your governments will not bar our passage. How can the human beings of planet Earth, with their technology that they believe to be so superior, can they have any kind of power on our decisions? This is impossible!

We are applying the law of non-interference in relation to the people who are still in a certain ignorance but, very soon this law will be annulled. So we, your Galactic Brothers, beyond all of your government leaders, beyond all pressures, we will just simply manifest ourselves because we will judge that there are enough human beings awakened to another spiritual consciousness and that others will not awaken, because they are in great ignorance and in too deep a sleep. At that moment, the latter will continue their path in other worlds of the third dimension, much less difficult than this one.

In your world, you will find more and more traces of our passage, whether it is mine or that of those who work with me and also the passage of brothers who are totally different from us who date from the beginning of time.

You know nothing about your world! You have the impression of knowing it, you have tried to go onto the Moon but we have prevented you from discovering what is not for you to discover!

The only thing that you can do and that you know how to do is to destroy your environment! It is for this reason that at a certain moment we will intervene! It will not be to save your world but to allow you to make the great passage. The world as you know it will disappear in a certain way! All that belongs to the third dimension will disappear for you, even if it can exist in a parallel dimension! For you this will be finished!

Therefore, I, Ashtar, am activating myself in a considerable way with all those who are working with Love for the humans, in our immense vessel.

Many human beings still do not believe in our existence. We will give more and more proof! You will see our vessels crossing the sky more and more and even if some truths are hidden from you, the governments will not be able to hide everything. We will not manifest ourselves en masse as long as the moment has not arrived.

You, brothers of the Earth, have the capacity and the possibility of accelerating this moment thanks to your behaviors!

We have been observing you for such a long time! Sometimes we are sad to see the obscurantism and all of your mistakes when it could be so simple to do otherwise and to live in peace!

Why doesn't peace exist in this world? Why can't peace be experienced between human beings? Just simply because they have not made peace within themselves! Within them there is still much violence belonging, as it has already been said, to other incarnations which they must completely cleanse.

We, your Galactic Brothers, who live on this immense vessel, do not know violence! We are much more than peaceful! We work much with Love, we work much with joy! I am not speaking about peace; we do not have to work on it because we are totally in serenity! We are investing ourselves more and more in this little world, in the solar system and elsewhere.

Surveille your sky! You will see signs that we will give you and when you will see many signs you will know that the moment has come and you must really prepare yourself!

For the moment, you are still accorded a little time; put this to profit to develop Love, fraternity, joy and confidence in you! This is important!

The more you will advance, the more you will get rid of all that is not useful in your life, the more you will feel our presence, the more you will feel different vibrations and the less you will support inferior vibratory frequencies.

Now I say good-bye in the galactic way with my hand on my heart! We are near you, we are helping you and we love you!”

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