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Messages from the Hierarchies
The equilibrium of the planetary system

You speak often of Nibiru. It is a part of the twelve planets that, normally, should revolve around your Sun.

Right now, there are not twelve. Moreover, the number twelve is a sacred number.

This new planet can certainly cause some difficulties; know however that the Great Beings, whose mission is to protect planet Earth, can prevent the disturbances that Nibiru could cause or other planets that could come close together and disturb the planetary system.

It is not planned for a shifting of the physical poles; the shifting of the magnetic poles has begun a long time ago because this must be, but what is much more to fear for planet Earth is all that you do in her and on her at the level of drilling and all of the deep mutilations that you cause it.

What you may also take for planets manifesting in your solar system can be immense planet vessels; they will never disturb your solar system and all the planets in any way.

What you must understand is that when a planet enters your solar system, it disturbs all the other planets. All functions in a sort of perfection, all has its place. If there was not a protecting hand preventing the disturbances caused by a star that penetrates your solar system, not only would planet Earth be disturbed, but the Moon, Mars, Venus and others would be as well; all of the planets of your solar system could all of a sudden not have the same orbit and the same place in relation to the Sun. The Earth could find itself very far from the Sun and no longer be inundated by its rays, by its light and due to this, no longer be habitable for humanity, no matter what it is, for the mineral, vegetable, animal and human realms.

We would like to have you understand that beyond what you perceive, beyond the planets that you see in a very limited way, beyond this humanity, even beyond what we are and what your Galactic Brothers are, there are immense powers, very elevated Consciences of Light, who have the mission of managing the solar system, of protecting all of the planets so that there are no catastrophes or disturbances; they protect the Earth and all of your solar system so that the balance persists. If Nibiru entered your solar system or if it approached too closely it would disturb the planets that gravitate around the Sun and this would be dramatic for many of them.

The little planet that you call Venus entered, in a certain way, into your solar system millions of years ago. This greatly disturbed Mars as well as the Earth; continents were torn apart, seas mounted to the heights of mountains, salty lakes were created, notably in Peru and this therefore caused immense disturbances on planet Earth that was very sparsely inhabited; there were humans but they were much less numerous than now. There were enormous destructions and many deaths, whether in the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom or human realm.

Now it would be much more catastrophic because your little planet carries seven billion individuals; this would create a terrible shock, even at the level of the departure of souls and would give much work to the beings whose mission is, on the astral planes, to welcome the souls leaving the Earth, going to their new plane of existence.

Imagine four, five, six or seven billion individuals who, suddenly, leave the plane of the Earth! These departures would disturb the astral planes because there would not be enough beings to welcome all of the beings from Earth and to lead them towards their new plane of existence. It is very important that all take place in equilibrium and it is for this that the Great Consciences, the Great Beings of Light make sure that this equilibrium is not broken.

When the equilibrium is broken, whether at the level of what you are as a human being, of your way of living on this planet or simply the planet itself, this can cause very great harm. When the equilibrium is broken in you this generates what you call disharmonies or illnesses in you. Equilibrium must be constant, all must function through it and therefore equilibrium must be constantly sought".

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