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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Messages from the Hierarchies
Open your heart to Love!
Mary's current mission
Mary tells us to have courage!
Important message from a Master of Wisdom
Message from the apostle John
The law of non-interference
The equilibrium of the planetary system
El Morya speaks about generosity
Presence of Mary  (8 March 2018)
Help the phoenix to fly away!  (7 March 2017)
Message from the Great Tibetan
Presence of a Great One from Atlantis
Manifestation of Ashtar
The awakening of the new world
New message from the Divine Mother
We will manifest ourselves more and more!
You will recognize me!
Love is Life!
Do not cry with those who cry!  (11 August 2016)
You must invest yourself more!  (10 June 2016)
It is urgent!
Message from Ashtar August 14, 2015
Help from Ashtar  (31 August 2015)
Michael transforms his sword into a bridge of Light  (10 May 2016)
El Morya and the history of the new humanity
Ashtar announces great transformations
New message from Mary  (7 March 2015)
New message from Peter Deunov
I will slip into the Heart of everyone!  (4 July 2016)
A Marvellous gift from the Divine Mother
The consciousness of the Earth expresses itself
Message from Master Peter Deunov
New message from the Ocean
Message from Ashtar Sheran on the year of the Revelation
New message from Korton
Important message from Saint Germain
I Am the Life!  (30 March 2013)
New Message from Ashtar Sheran
Two Messages from Michael
New Message from the Earth  (5 April 2012)
Message from Jala
Christ Message  (14 October 2011)
The Time Has Come  (6 October 2011)
Message from St. Germain 1
Message from Sananda 1
Message from the Divine Mother
Farewell from the Great White Dolphin
Message from the Earth  (20 January 2011)
Be Ready!  (19 November 2010)
Message from PAL
Christic Message of January 16, 2010
Michael Addresses Man of the Earth  (12 March 2010)
No Time to Be Asleep  (13 May 2010)
Wake Up Call from Ashtar
Hadek Speaks of Fears
Important Message for Humanity  (23 April 2010)
Message from Solar Beings
Message from Ashtar Sheran
Michael Opens Consciousness
Soliciting the Assistance of Michael
Extremely Important Message from Michael
Hadek's Mission
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