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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Messages from the Hierarchies
El Morya speaks about generosity

In front of me is a being that I recognize. This Being is El Morya, he who teaches us. He is telling me:

“I have not often taught you about what generosity can be in the world of matter.

Certainly, many human beings speak about generosity but each lives it in their own way, with what he is, with what he can give; often humans are aware that they are very generous.

For us and for me, who are on different planes than yours, what does generosity really correspond with? Of course, true generosity is that from the heart because it is a part of Love.

A being who has no Love, or who has not yet had the revelation of Love within, cannot have great generosity. However, he can have the “generosity of recognition” and it is important that I speak to you about it.

Often human beings are generous because they expect something in return, generally Love or even recognition. This is not generosity!

True generosity is not acquired deliberately; it is in you! You must then allow it to express itself, to grow and to reveal itself. However, as long as your generosity has not really been revealed, you are in the illusion of generosity.

True generosity is really Love. You offer! You expect absolutely nothing in return! The objective of generosity is to please the other and to make him happy and to help him.

It can manifest itself in several ways; at the level of money (for those who have it, of course) or at the level of aid, of the gift of the self and of comprehension. Each of you can manifest this generosity and manifest it often, we are certain.

When you offer something, make sure it is really a gift and expect nothing in return! The one to whom you offer something will not necessarily give back to you; they may even turn away from you! True generosity comes from the heart, Love, aid, a smile and the joy that you offer to others.

Unfortunately, money often falsifies the generosity of beings. They sometimes have the impression that, if they give some money, they are evolved; they clear themselves thus of what they are lacking because, in one way or another, they expect something in return, a satisfaction of the ego.

You are aware that you are really in the generosity of the heart when you have an immense pleasure in truly offering with the heart, even little things. When you are in a profound joy in being able to offer, you know that your generosity is sincere and pure.

Once again, generosity is not learned, it develops itself at the same time that you develop Love in you. Do not try therefore to be generous, you will be if you develop Love because you will have understood the importance of giving, the importance of offering.

We, from the planes of Light, and I who am teaching you today, offer you what we can offer you and that you can understand, integrate and accept. We ask for nothing in return! We are simply happy to be able to offer you this and we are even much happier when we see that this offer makes you progress, allows you to advance faster on your path of life and on your spiritual path.

If we, from the planes of Light, and I who am speaking to you, were expecting something in return, you could give us nothing! Certainly, you would give us Love, but not in the measure of that which we give you!

For us who are on the planes of Light, it would never be a question of a return, unless it is that of your advancement and the love that will grow more and more in your heart. This is all that we expect of you!

If you cannot give offer it to us, remember that we have immense patience and when the moment arrives for each of you, the awakening will take place, whether it is an awakening at the level of generosity, at the level of Love, at the level of comprehension or simply the true spiritual awakening!”

I see the master El Morya and I find him to be extraordinary; I am feeling him now more deeply and with more gentleness. It is as if I were connected to his heart, to a power that I did not know and that emanates from him. He is telling me:

“Each of you can be connected to my heart! Each of you can feel my power and the power of my Love.

It is important that each of you invest yourself in kindness, in Love, in joy and in all that you can offer to your brothers. It is important that you let the Love Light vibration overflow so that this Love constantly emanates from your heart!

We need all of you because you are Light Workers who can enormously influence the destiny of your world. You have much more power (in the positive sense) than you suppose because this sacred power is that of Love. Try to use it as much as possible.

What I am also asking you is to try to master your thoughts, your words, your sentiments and your emotions. This is very important! Do not let yourself be dragged into fears or into vibrations that pull you down.

When you feel that you are weakening on the path, I am asking you, as you ask of all your Brothers in the Light and of your Guides, to call upon and to visualize the Light, to feel Love growing in your heart; you will feel it more and more and it will grow more and more.

I am also asking you, as an instructor, to avoid being reactive towards yourself, towards life and towards others. You could never change anything in relation to the destiny of humanity! You can change an enormous amount of things in relation to yourself, and be certain that your transformation could change many things in your world and in your brothers.

When I say “you can change nothing in relation to the destiny of humanity” I am alluding to the political actions or the exchanges that are a little reactive that can be yours when you are not in agreement with certain behaviors of your human brothers, with those who are totally in the obscurity of consciousness, in ignorance of what they are and in the ignorance of the immense potential of Love that is in them.

Be faithful to the Light and be faithful to Love! You have capacities whose importance you do not even have a hint of! When you will really be in mastery you will see that little by little some veils will fall, that you will perceive a new Light within and you will feel the Love from the higher planes descend into you, into the little human being that you are.

You will feel in your heart a particular vibration and you will want to love everyone; you will let this Love flow from you and you will need to do nothing but notice that it exists, that it is there and that without doing anything, this Love will flow from you and will go to those who will need it.

This may seem difficult for you because you are still a little stuck in the matter of the third dimension. If you accept it, obviously, your veils will dissolve themselves and you will understand therefore who you are, you will understand better the role that is yours and you will work with much more conviction, courage and Love.”

I, El Morya, I say good-bye! May my Love accompany you on your path!”

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