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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Messages from the Hierarchies
Help the phoenix to fly away!


“No-Eyes, the old Indian woman wishes to speak to you because it is truly relevant.

She is telling me first:

“I greet you, you who are so close to my heart! I salute your pure heart and the courage that you have proven to remain on this beautiful spiritual path!

My children, in your time, you need much courage to stay on this path, to not allow yourself to be led astray be all that you hear, by the fears that are distilled in you constantly through what you call the “media”.

My mission was different from yours but it joins perfectly with the mission of this channel.

A few years ago, I met a person whom I cherish and who wrote my words in her way. I was happy that she wrote all that I transmitted to her so that many beings in the entire world could read my words.

I was blind but I could see much better than my human brothers. I had the vision of your future and also the vision of what is happening over your heads and that had not yet taken form in this world.

I saw gigantic forces in opposition; forces of dark light, sometimes very somber opposing the forces of Light (a dazzling light) that does not want to destroy the shadow but simply wishes to enlighten it.

Since the beginning of time, this little world has been shaken by multiple catastrophes and manipulated (for much longer than you imagine) by forces not belonging to your galaxy. Not only was I aware of it but I was able to extract myself from my material body to go to work with those who help you, on planes that you consider to be invisible.

I would like to tell you that in fact nothing is visible or invisible; you only have the vision of yourself and some things of life. Some people, like this little channel, perceive things that you do not perceive; however I am among you and I am smiling at you! This channel can perceive me because her consciousness is modified. If you had this ability – and you do have it! – to modify if only for a few seconds your consciousness, you could also perceive me.

Therefore for the mission that was mine, for the choice that was mine, I had abilities that you could consider as magic. I saw and I flew over this current era and I even went into your future. I saw all of the turbulence, I saw all of the lies and all of the manipulations and I saw all that some would have you believe because they believe it themselves.

The governments of this world are abused by themselves. There is a great danger for all human beings, the danger of allowing themselves to be carried away, to succumb to what is easiest, to succumb to the attractions of matter and of what you call sex and of course the danger of succumbing to money with all that it can procure for you.

At this very special time, you are at the height of danger and in order to anesthetize you even more, beings who do not wish well for the Earth have placed a technology at your disposition that renders humans stupid. This technology if well employed could have really been marvelous for your evolution!

What these beings want, who for a long time now, have taken possession of the Earth and the consciousness of many human beings is to place this technology in the hands of children, adolescents and adults who are completely submitted to it and because of this are unable to think for themselves.

Many humans believe what the media, politicians and religious leaders tell them; they believe all that they are told from the time it passes by the Internet or by the television.

I am asking you to try and distinguish between what is true and what is false, the just from the unjust in order to know where your true path lies!

At this time you are walking in a fog. Some beings whose consciousness is much more awakened have in them a light that shines for them through this fog. Sometimes this Light is weaker and beings no longer have the courage to advance because they no longer see what is in front of them.

To pass through this fog, you must always keep this Light inside that will enlighten your path. You must not give all power to others and to all who manipulate your consciousness.

Whether it is at the level of health, of information or of religion, try to have your own opinion. As long as your light shines on your path, you will have considerable help from the planes of Light. I, whom you have called No Eyes, I also help my people and other beings everywhere in this world.

Your society will crumble, this is obvious! If it did not crumble you would truly head towards a real catastrophe! Your society will transform itself but there will be many, many departures before this happens.

The only ones who will have the possibility of really helping those who remain will be beings with a pure heart who have continued to see in the fog, beings who never allowed themselves to be turned away from their mission, from their objective and from what they feel deep in their heart.

You are living in a period of great, very great manipulations; manipulation of consciences, psychic pollution at a high level, and also poisoning of the body at a high level.

I and many of those who work with me need beings who remain pure, who do not allow themselves to be carried away by the wave of materialism pushed to the extreme.”

She is telling me:

“I lived very humbly, poorly even in relation to the outside. To live in a cabin with my handicap was very difficult from an outsider's view. But as my inner vision was developed in a very important way, I could see well beyond the human vision. I had the ability to very easily leave my body but always to help the world, my brothers and my sisters.

Today, I address myself to you because I would like for you to understand to what point you are important in the divine plan, important at the level of your purity, of your engagement and of your behavior.

Of course, and this will be forgiven of you, you will have moments of fatigue, great moments of doubt, moments of self-questioning. Elevate yourselves above the human pleasures, remain pure, do not allow yourself to be engulfed in base material pleasures! Certainly, to change your ideas, you can go on a beautiful trip or have the joy of meeting up with friends! All of this adds to your happiness but do not allow yourself to be engulfed in all that has been falsified, all that, in a certain way, they make you do.

Look at the current passion for all the sports that are so important in the great countries! It is the biggest passion of the conscience that can take place on a worldwide scale! Beings no longer think for themselves, they are pulled into and engulfed in these artificial games that are essentially carried along by the power of money.

Beings are allowing themselves to be carried away by ephemeral pleasures, by primary joys. Of course, you can love sports but not the sport as it is practiced in your society so as to anesthetize your consciousness some more, to keep you from dreaming and from projecting the future you want in front of you and even to prevent you from developing the Love that is in you. Look at the violence that manifests itself in stadiums! Is that pleasure?

What I wanted to tell you, dear children, is that it is desirable that you learn to think for yourselves, that you not believe all that they want you to hear and that you succeed in being yourselves.

Numerous peoples have allowed themselves to be totally swallowed up by civilizations. Some people, such as the one I belonged to, have despite this, kept purity in their heart and in their soul; these people will be precious for building the new world.

You will not be alone for building the new world! Some humans will have shifted into a totally different consciousness and if you continue on this path with courage, willpower and Love, you will be among those who shift into that new consciousness; you will be among those who will help to rebuild all that has been destroyed, destroyed in man, destroyed outside of man and destroyed on your very beautiful planet.

I really loved this planet and I come here often. I loved it because it spoke to me at every turn of the path, because nature spoke to me. I was in perfect harmony with all that surrounded me, whether it was birds, small animals of the woods or majestic trees, with all that nature offered me so that I could make what you call medicines.

I knew many things. I went to gather this knowledge beyond the human realm and I also went beyond the life I was in to gather this knowledge. This knowledge came to me from very far away!

The book that transmitted all that I uttered speaks about the current era, about this end of cycle where the phoenix will fly. Besides, it is beginning to spread its wings but its flight is slow and it needs time; its flight is dependent on the global consciousness of humans; this is what will give it the definitive impulsion to take flight and at that moment, all will shift.

She is telling me:

“Have much compassion for all that is happening in France and in your world! Have much compassion for all those who lose their life, for all those whose body is damaged and especially for those who lose beings who are dear to them because with the consciousness that you have of humanity, of family relations, of the sentiment of Love, it is still extremely painful for you to lose those you love.

I would however like to ask you to not remain in an inferior emotion at the level of what is happening because at that moment it is you who lower your vibratory frequency. You must have compassion, to send Love and simply to wish that all those who have left be welcomed in the Light and Love by beings that will be there for them.

Everywhere in the world there will be atrocities. I have given the dates of the events but Mary Summer Rain was not given the authorization to indicate them in the book. I am not going to give them to you either but I will simply say this: it is necessary more than ever now to be in the action of Love!

You are not aware of it – and yet we have often told you – of the force of human Love because it is reinforced by the power of matter and it acts directly upon it. Human Love can act well beyond your planet, in the solar system and well beyond.

You are not aware of the power of Love within! But what image do you have of life, especially now if it is not an image of suffering, of violence and of destruction? You see images that they wish to show you! Do they show you images of abnegation, of the gift of self, of human charity and of Love? There are many beings who work in this sense but you are never shown them or rarely!

To corrupt consciences, to keep them from elevating themselves in the Light (that little inner light that enlightens the fog in which humans find themselves) it is easier to show them constantly the atrocities of your world. These images greatly lower their vibratory level and at that moment, they become the prey that is much easier to manipulate.

What I am saying can be accepted or not; those who do not accept it have not yet attained the level of consciousness or sufficient understanding to do so.

When I was on Earth, I sowed many little seeds. I regret however that the one that I loved very much as a human being was not able to go to the end of the mission that was hers. For a human, it is very difficult to go to the end of his mission due to pressures, the familial environment and what you call money. You must be very strong!

If I am telling you this it is to encourage you to continue, to not allow yourself to be distracted by anything, even by the information that is given you! There is more and more deception but this is for the particular destiny of humanity.

So, why is the universe and the planes of Light accepting all of this for this little planet Earth? To allow all its inhabitants, all consciences, to awaken through suffering, injustice, and violence that also sometimes manifests itself in them.

How can you not be revolted by certain atrocities? It is exactly at that moment that you must not be! Do not be revolted, you do not know the ins and outs of the problem! Be in compassion and in Love, send much Light, this is your role! Do not allow yourself to be destabilized by the violence and the suffering!

I saw all of this and I still see many other things that are in the process of taking place in your world. So, of course, I am not speaking to you about your little France that, I tell you, will be protected.

Of course, eighty, a hundred or a thousand lives taken in an atrocious manner is very disturbing for you but in relation to the destiny of the world, in relation even to your destiny and to your climb up towards the Light, this is nothing!

I, No-Eyes, I am telling you that life is infinite, that you are only passing through this life in this world and that this passage will only last a short while; however it can seem so long and so difficult to you! So, in order for this passage not to seem so long or so difficult, try to see your life and life itself differently, to consider it as a magnificent experience that allows you to understand and especially to accept in order to grow in Love.

My people have suffered and still suffer. Many other people suffer from the fact that human beings are directed by entities not belonging to your galaxy. Human beings must wake up! Right now, we are numerous on Earth for a temporary or longer mission. We act by helping those who wish to awaken and to keep their pure heart and their integrity.

We also bring help to the Light since we are in the Light and that we work for the Light. We help those who must be helped in preparation for their transformation and their ascension.

But what does ascension signify? The ascension is an important increase in vibration to be able to accede to another reality of life, to another reality of yourselves, to another reality of your Mother Earth.

Your Mother Earth will protect the people and beings who believe in her! Your Mother Earth feels the Love and respect that you have for her! So, no matter where you are, try to always be in a relationship of Love, in the profound Love for she who gives you everything, who has given her all and allows you to exist.

When I was in this world, I loved Mother Earth so much! I loved her Father Sun and her sisters the stars and the planets of the solar system so much! I loved the entire universe! If you love the Mother Earth and the Father Sun, all of the planets of your solar system and all of the universe, you will be in a vibratory relation with all those to whom you direct your thoughts and your Love.

Therefore, you are getting to the end of the road! There are still a few steps left to take but some will not pass through the wall that is standing in front of them. How can one go through this wall without being crushed? This will be possible thanks to the little light that is in the deepest part of you, that not only lights your path in the fog but that annihilates the matter of this wall so that you can go through it easily.

When you will have passed through the wall, you will find yourself in another world, on another Mother Earth, another you! You will see us, we the workers, we who, untiringly have given our Love to humanity and have protected it from grave catastrophes and degradations.

If we, voluntary Beings full of Love, had not been there, your world as such would no longer exist; your planet would be dead in the third dimension but would be living in higher dimensions!

It was necessary that this planet of the third dimension make the passage, just as you who will pass from the third dimension to higher dimensions; this passage with your material body proves that you have sublimated the vibrations of your matter.

Through the Love that you give to your Mother Earth, you sublimate your body of the third dimension, the one that you see right now, which will allow it to pass without encumbrance with you, with those who will have done the necessary work, to a higher plane and a higher consciousness and even at the level of matter.

Have confidence in yourself, have confidence in what you are in this world, have confidence in the help that you give to your brothers, have confidence in your mission, even if sometimes it seems difficult for you, even if sometimes you do not achieve the goals that you have set for yourself!

The goals that you have set will be achieved when the time is right! You, humans, are rather impatient, which I understand; you have the impression that you will never have the time to do or experience what you wish but your time and your life are given depending on the choice of all that you have to learn and the choice of your experiences.

You must not therefore be impatient because all is just: the time that is given to you as well as the experiences that you must live and, above all the Love that you have the ability to make grow more and more in you.

Children of the Earth, many things are going to accelerate on your planet, events brought about by Mother Earth, that is to say what you could call catastrophes, the folly of poor humans who are not aware of what they do, and even the manipulations that pull you towards paths that should not be yours.

You can certainly use technology, nothing is bad in itself! However, the way that you use it can harm your evolution! If you always keep a pure heart and if you remain in Love, your technology would hurt you much less! Love makes you go beyond the human condition at all levels; it puts you out of reach of certain manipulations exerted upon you, whether it comes from humans or from non-humans. Love is the greatest protection that beings in life can have! The more you love, the more you will love what surrounds you, the more you will receive Love and will be out of reach of all harm, no matter what it is.

Become aware of the permanent miracle of Love! Become aware that, without Love, life could no longer exist, even on Earth! Love even dwells inside the most terrible human beings but it is buried under multiple layers of manipulations and deceptions. Love dwells in all human beings!

All human beings, and I say “human”, have within an immense capacity for Love more or less buried under very thick veils! It is you, Workers of the Light, Children of the Universe, who have the mission, by elevating your vibratory frequency, by elevating through Love the vibratory frequency of all that surrounds you, who have the magnificent mission of transforming the world, of lighting it up with your Love and your Light!

Now, I say goodbye! I have been truly very happy to communicate with you! This has given me much joy! Sometimes I am with you but I do not speak because it is not the moment. I listen to you, I see you, I feel you and I read you.

By your Love, help the phoenix to fly! Give it the force to elevate itself very high in the sky so that the transformation of the world can be accomplished!

I bless you in the name of my brothers who belong to my people and who work with me, humanly and non-humanly! I bless you in the name of all our Galactic Brothers whom I know perfectly well and with whom we work! I bless you because I love you!"

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