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A powerful aid

“We are going to do a few exercises.

First of all, it is important that you feel good. If you feel a pain or suffering in your body, call upon the collective that we are, a dozen Beings connected with other collectives of Light and Love who are found elsewhere who offer you their Love, which allows you to acquire much greater force in Love and a much greater confidence in what you are.

Visualize in front of you the Beings that we are, very luminous and of a golden color, the symbol of Love. (If you cannot visualize this, think of us in this way). Try to make the color emanating form our presence grow as luminous as possible to empty your mind because it is always too encumbered.

Try to feel our vibration and to perceive the Light that emanates from us as more and more golden and luminous, just until it becomes almost as dazzling as the Sun.

Do this for several instants.

Now, visualize a small sphere of Light as luminous as possible. We send you this little luminous sphere. Visualize it (or think of it) as a tennis ball.

Place it in front of your center of force that is between your two eyes. Try to make it stay there for several moments. Place your consciousness on this sphere and see it as more and more luminous. Try to feel its vibration. Do not seek anything; do not intellectualize! This sphere is there to help you to empty your mind.

This sphere is growing little by little. Begin to feel its presence: you are this sphere; it penetrates you by this center of force and totally inundates your mind.

This sphere still completely illuminates your mind, (your whole head), and begins to slowly descend. As it descends, it illuminates your body, first your neck, then your bust. Everywhere that it goes, everything becomes Light.

This sphere of Love arrives in your heart. It is going to light up all the little corners of shadow that can be found there.

Allow this sphere of Light and of Love to act! You are this sphere, you are this Love. It is there to liberate you, to open the doors of your heart! Love it1

You love this little sphere because you begin to feel the Love that it liberates in you. You begin to love yourself, to love what you are, to love your physique.

It is going to continue its path in your body. For the moment, keep your consciousness on this sphere; feel its power, feel all that it can liberate in you! Do not cling to it! Empty your mind!

You are this sphere, you are Love; this sphere represents the immense Love that is also in you. Allow it to act in your heart so that it can liberate the chains and the shutting out.

Do not let your mind re-emerge. Each time that your thoughts bombard your mind, simply say: “I am this sphere of Love that inundates my heart, that grows in it and that liberates me!”

Now center yourself again in your heart, become totally aware again of the sphere of Love that you are and guide it everywhere in your body, essentially in the obscure parts that cause you suffering; enlighten them thanks to this sphere of Love. Be aware that it absorbs the little corners of shadow that are more or less important, that create nuisances.

Accompany this sphere of Love and of Light into all the parts of your body that you wish to enlighten. Allow this sphere to work in your emotional center for a little while; it will transform you, it will absorb all that is not Light in you. It will heal you; it will heal you of yourself. It transforms all the is not Light in you.

Then allow it to go about, and when you feel a suffering again, call upon it so that it can come and absorb what is not Light in you, the sufferings caused by a lack of Love.

Follow this sphere everywhere in your body. It goes about, lightly, but it grows more and more, inundating your body more and more, transforming it, giving it vitality, force, serenity, patience and also courage.

This is a miraculous sphere that transforms, that transmutes. Love it!

This sphere is a sphere of Love Light energy that will remain in you. When you will be in any kind of difficulty, when you do not have sufficient Love for yourself, call upon it again. Do not allow it to go to sleep! Tell it: “Enlighten my shadowy parts, enlighten the parts of my body that make me suffer. I know that you are there, that you were placed in me to help me, to make the immense Love in me grow and to liberate it.”

Call upon this sphere often! This sphere that we offer you will always be connected to what we are. Through this sphere of Light, we can help you again and again. It is an aid of great power offered by the planes of Light, by us and the collectives of Light and Love.

Never forget this sphere that is offered to you! Never forget to use it upon your body. Later you will use it for help that you can bring to others. This sphere dwells in you!

Everything will be given to the humanity that wishes to receive it. We repeat: “Everything will be given to the humanity that wishes to receive it”, without limitation of time or space.

The human being has much more need of this spiritual Love, of this Love vibration that he needs terrestrial food. The human can go without terrestrial food when he will be nourished with energy, the energy that is found all around him as well as with the energy of Love that is in him. At that moment, he will no longer be the human being that you know; he will be the human being that you will become, in a future time or elsewhere.

For those who will not have made the passage or who will have left before doing it, what is given them now will be given them elsewhere, with much more force and power.

During several moments, remain inundated with this immense Love Light, that we call spiritual Love because spiritual Love is accessible to you. Universal Love is not yet.

Spiritual Love can provoke extremely powerful sensations in you, that you call “ecstasy”. It is an ecstasy that has nothing mystical about it; it is the total consciousness of what you are other than what you perceive of yourself and as a human being.”

Now, offer the immense Love that is in you to all of your family and friends, to all you love and that have more and more need of Love to grow within. Offer it also to those who suffer, because if you do it with the awareness of the immense capabilities that are developing in you, you can enlighten their shadowy parts and dissolve them. It is as if you sent them immense flashes that absorb a little their dark parts and can dissolve them.

You cannot of course do everything because they have their work to do but you can help them so that they have the force to continue what you have begun.

Continue to offer this immense Love to all your human brothers, notably to those who are suffering right now due to what you call “catastrophes”: wars, famine, etc.

Just the thought of offering this immense Love Light to your human brothers is sufficient to liberate the Love Light from your heart. Therefore, think now of offering this Love Light to all the government leaders of your countries, small or large. May this Love allow them to open their conscience!

Offer this Love Light to the various kingdoms, to the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms.

Now, offer this immense Love Light to your Mother Earth who, she also, is subjected to great transformations. What you are subjected to individually, even at the level of your consciousness, she is also subjected to , in a different way since she is different from us, but everything, everything in your solar system, in your galaxy, is evolving at this moment. Everything is being transformed considerably! Therefore, your Mother Earth suffers, is transforming herself and soon she will blossom just like you.

Offer your Love Light to your Father the Sun, being aware that, without him, there is no life possible on Earth; then offer it to all the planets of your solar system.

Offer your Love Light to all of your brothers who have left this world and also to all of your brothers in the Light, to your galactic brothers who come near you each time that you wish them to or when they can.

May Peace, Joy, and Love illuminate your life! May Peace, Joy, and Love illuminate your path! Have confidence in what you are becoming! Also have confidence in what you are, in this treasure that dwells in you! Have confidence in us! We love you infinitely!”

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