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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Working with the Love Vibration


“We are going to speak about the Love vibration. You all have such need of this vibration.

When you generate it, the Love vibration totally inundates your body. It does not only install itself at the level of your heart, it inundates your whole body and this is what gives you your radiance.

The vibration of the Love energy can emanate from your Divine Part, from your soul that has the capacity to love and also to radiate this Love. The Love vibration can also emanate from your human part. You will recognize this vibrational frequency more and more. You will know which Love is manifesting itself to you. You will know if it is your humanity, if it is your soul, or your Divine Part that generates this Love.

If it is your Divine Part, you will be transported. You will want to love and love some more, without limits, and your radiance will be augmented. If it is your soul, you will love, certainly, but in a little less intense fashion because your soul is totally impregnated with your personality. If it is your humanity, you will love as humans do, much more sentimentally; the sentimental way, that energy generated by the love that you feel for those who surround you, can also lead you to a much greater vibration of Love.

For a few moments, you are going to try to perceive your Divinity. You are going to perceive an energy of Light inundating totally your material body, your subtle bodies, and you are going to see an immense body of Light above you. It is a part of your multidimensional-selves.

Above you, you are going to see a very luminous body that extends his Love and his Light over all that is below him; your subtle bodies, a part of your first multidimensional-selves and especially your physical body.

If you knew to what point your Divine Being loves your little humanity. For him, you are like a baby that he tries to protect, that he tries to make grow in the Love that he has for you. Imagine the magnificent Being that is you and that loves you above all that you can think of. Imagine this luminous and immense Being, and in the middle the little human child that you are. This luminous and immense Being constantly projects his energy of Love, his energy of Life onto this little human child that is you.

Try, for a few moments, to connect yourself. We come back to the Moon that has released a part of the clutter of your unconscious, as it has also, in the preceding exercise, ‘cleansed’ certain emotions that were located in your emotional center. Therefore, you will feel with much greater force the power of your Divine.

Imagine yourself as a little human being. Way above you is like an angel of Light who sends down upon you his immense energies of Love, and who inundates you with his Energy of Love.”

They are showing this to me: it is as if he covered all of our bodies with a great Light.

“Remain a few moments in this connection, in this energy. Feel the force, the Light, and the Love that he gives you.

Soon, really very soon, you will be in another consciousness and you can feel and integrate with much more force this immense Love that is you. You can feel that other part of yourself that is so important.

In a way, the human being is not much in relation to the immensity of what he really is. The little human being that you are has, however, much importance in order to experiment life in matter. All is returned to the Divine, but of course, passing through the soul and through the subconscious.

Try to feel yourself totally different, even as a human being, totally in peace, as if all became easy, because you are not alone, because all of the doors are beginning to open upon your true reality.

Try to feel that energy, the energy of your Divinity. You are not alone. The veil that hides your Divine Being, the Being of Light will be removed from you more and more, at the beginning by small touches, and then it will be completely removed from you.

It is very important that you unburden yourself of all that you have registered in your unconscious, in your subconscious and even in your human memory, in order to liberate, liberate, and liberate more space for what you are becoming.”

They are showing me a very beautiful image. I see that Being of Light, the Divine that we are, smiling at us way up high, very far from our physical bodies. He has a human form, but not our human form. He has a face so that I can recognize him, and he emanates something unreal, absolute, (unreal for us).

“Allow yourself to be impregnated by all that this other part of yourself, that sacred part, is going to restore to you.

You are going to feel yourself being attracted upwards, pulled upwards, as if your humanity wanted to rejoin your Divinity in order to melt into him, so as to be as one.

Allow yourself to be drawn upwards.

The more you climb, the more you will feel the different vibrational frequencies, more profound, more subtle energies of Love that are going to penetrate to the deepest part of your cells. You are going to feel light, happy, and at peace.

In this exercise of climbing up towards your Divinity, you will also regenerate your physical body with the energy and the Love vibration of your Divinity.

Remember that your Divinity is not only above you, it is also around you and within you.”

They are telling me:

“The human being is like a small nucleus in the middle of an immense entity of Light. The nucleus is important, the nucleus is also life.

The Being of Light that you are, the Divine Being that you are, will manifest himself more and more to your human reality. In the difficult circumstances of your life, he will be there to help you, but you must be able to hear him. If you are still too encumbered you will not be able to feel him or hear him.

We know that the great work of cleansing is really going to happen in each of you. The Being of Light that you are, the Divine Being that you are, will always give you the force for all that arrives, for your destiny, no matter what it is. He will give you this force to be able to accomplish your destiny and to manage your life experiences well, depending on your programming, and sometimes even well beyond your programming because given the behavior that you will have in any given circumstance of your life, you will have gone beyond your initial programming.

Up until now, we have asked you to live your humanity the best way possible, because you have come into this world to live your humanity. Now we ask you to be aware of the Being of Light that you are and to try as much as possible to integrate him into your humanity. There must no longer be a separation between your human part and the Being of Light that you are.

From the moment that you will have really understood the importance of integrating your Divinity into your humanity, there will no longer be any inferior thoughts, there will only be confidence and faith, wisdom will install itself and the right words, sentiments, and emotions will always be in harmony with what you are.

This is not impossible and is a part of your future. You must really begin to integrate the vibration of the fourth, and especially the fifth dimension. It is possible while living in the third dimension in which your body lives; it is possible to integrate the vibrational frequency of the fifth dimension.

You will know when you are in the vibrational frequency by your behaviors that will be different. Fears will have practically disappeared, confidence will install itself as master within you and everything will seem much easier to you; even if everything shifts around you, you will remain centered, you will have the necessary force and you will see that the best is promised to you.

The best is promised to you.

For a few moments, concentrate on the Being of Light that you are, forget your humanity, completely forget all that you call your problems; they no longer exist. You are in serenity, you are in Love, and you are totally immersed in the Being of Light that you are.

Feel a profound peace and joy inundate you. Completely forget your human reality in favor of your divine reality.

You are ready to accept, in your humanity, all transformation. You are totally ready to let go of your old habits and your old ways of functioning. You totally accept this new reality and you integrate it.”

Now I am seeing very powerful energies. There are energies from the Moon and there are also energies from other visible and invisible spheres that I do not know.

I am seeing now like a very large sphere not far from the Sun and I don’t know if it is a planet or a spaceship, (but they are telling me that this is not important), that projects the energy of transition and of Love onto the planet Earth and on the life that is so important that is found on this little planet.

They are telling me:

It is important for you humans to be aware that you are all essentially Beings of Light, of course coming to have experiences in matter, but for such a short time. You will rediscover your reality once you leave the Earth’s plane, but you have the possibility of knowing and integrating little by little that other reality of yourselves.

This end of cycle permits it and this end of cycle is so important for all life.

Now you are going to let this Love Light flow not only from the human being that you are, but especially from the Being of Light, the Divine Being that you are, to all the people you would like to help.

Simply ask the Being of Light that you are to project this Love; it will be so much more powerful than human love.

Now, as a Being of Light, you are going to fly over the cities, the places where there are the most humans unhappily crowded one upon the other (we are speaking about those immense dwellings that are inconceivable to us, immense buildings.)

Can you imagine the difficulty of living in these buildings? Human beings do not think about the energies that they receive from all those who live next to them.

Therefore, fly, fly like the Beings of Light that you are. Go project that Light and that Love on all the cities, everywhere in the world. Try to see the streets full of human beings, and project the Light and the Love of the Being of Light that you are onto them. Try to see yourself flying and projecting this Love Light.”

We are above the crowds, and some of them raise their eyes, as if they were seeing something.

“They do not see you, but they feel you; they feel the vibrational frequency of the Energy of Love that you project upon them.”

It’s funny to see these heads lifting. Some beings have a little smile, and a thank you towards what is invisible to them.

“Keep going more and more, flying here and there, distributing this immense Love on all of your human brothers.

If one day, when you find yourself in the street or even when you are walking in the countryside, you have a desire to raise your head (because you feel something above you), it may be us that you will perceive, because we also do what we ask you to do. We are constantly projecting on you our Light and our Love, and we are not the only ones who do it. All of those who have been close to you and who have left the Earth’s plane can also project in their own way this immense Love Light upon you and all humans.

Feel how nice it is to be a Being of Light who flies over the Earth and who projects this Light and this Love onto his brothers.

All is permitted you, there is no limitation.

Project this Love Light on the oceans, on the element of water and on all that lives in the element of water.

Be happy to do this exercise. Really try to identify yourself with the Being of Light that you are, with that being who flies, who has no limit. All is permitted to him.

Now, always with as much joy and Love, fly over the mountains, the lands and the forests.

Now, you can come back to your body, while keeping your awareness of who you are, of that other reality that is you, and always remember it.”

They are telling me:

“Remember what we have taught you: who you really are. Try to go beyond the human, BEYOND THE HUMAN, because you are beyond the human.

Try to integrate more and more this reality, try to perceive yourself as luminous, try to feel living within you, around you, and above you, the Being of Light that you are.”

They are telling me again:

“Children of the Earth, Children of Light, profit from getting together and connecting with each other and with us as much as it is still possible.

No matter what happens, remember who you are, remember that we are near you, remember the immense protection that you have, remember the Being of Light that you are essentially. So, the little terrestrial life of your body has so much less importance, but nevertheless, you must totally respect it and love it.”


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