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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Stay away from violence!

“At this time everything is moving, perhaps a little too fast for some because they do not understand what they are and because they no longer understand life and their own behavior; they are totally drifting because of this incomprehension of life, of society and of all that they can be experiencing.

We have already said that the energies that human beings are receiving are very important. The solar system is going to find itself at a culminating point in relation to its trajectory, in relation to the great year of 25,000 years. The sun is going to attain the culminating point of its journey before completely changing its vibratory frequency.

The Iron Age (Kali Yuga) is ending and you are now going to begin an immense cycle that will last 25,000 years; this cycle is that of the golden age.

What does the golden age represent? It represents the consciousness of fraternity, of respect, of Love between beings, Love for all that exists around them and well beyond.

Before you, human beings, can be ready to integrate this new cycle as well as the vibrations necessary to live it, there will obviously need to be much cleansing, much conscious awakening to do. Some beings are still however at the beginning of evolution or of experimentation on planet Earth and they are having trouble supporting the vibratory frequencies. This generates within them an important reactivity and also great suffering, revolt and incomprehension.

You can only send them Love; no matter what you hear on what you call “the news”, we advise you to simply try to send Love, a Love without sentiment, neutral Love, the Love vibration that is in each of you.

However, in order to be able to send this Love vibration, you must recognize it and make it grow in you. For this you must love yourself, you must really be aware of your potential. You must not say that you do not know how to love, that you do not love yourself; that others know how but you don't.

You have placed your feet on the great path of Light, a path that, in the beginning is a path that gets larger as you approach the great door of Light and of the shifting into another dimension.

We clarify that this shifting corresponds with the immense change of consciousness that each human being can experience, except of course those who are still too much in matter, in revolt, in incomprehension of what a spiritual life and Love really are.

We are going to open an important parenthesis however: even some beings who have never heard speak of spirituality or of religion can be beings of Love and can prove it constantly to those who surround them. There is no need to be part of a group, no matter what it is, to become a being of Love!

Violence will unfortunately manifest itself more and more because certain vibrations received by planet Earth and all lives augment awakenings of consciousness, positive of course and lead humans towards a greater spirituality and greater Love. They elevate beings that are capable of integrating more and more the vibratory frequency of these energies. In the same way, these same energies can exacerbate what is inferior in beings that revolt because they do not understand but above all because they have fear of what they are feeling, of what they believe they are analyzing. When all is said and done they have fear of themselves, fear of what happens deep within and that they do not know about.

Violence also comes from states of depression more or less, from rejection from society, from its injustices and from the incomprehension of life. There are also those brought about by the absorption of alcohol, of drugs, etc. At that moment, human beings who absorb them are not capable of mastering their inferior emotions and their violence, because they do not understand life, or who they are, or what they are becoming.

There is also the violence and aggression of fragile beings that can be manipulated and conditioned to accomplish some acts that you could qualify as “terrible”.

For a little while longer all will continue and will be accentuated. There will be clashes between human beings. We are not speaking uniquely of France! There will be clashes between beings who no longer master at all what they are, who will be overtaken by vibrations of fear, of revolt, of violence and those beings that are not exactly like them and who wish to help them or perhaps direct them towards a different direction.

A long time ago, we had shown our channel some street fighting in the great cities. They are a part of a possible scenario that may not be applied. If you, Light Workers, during your meditations, ask simply of the Love that is in you, in your Divine part, to descend into your heart and if you offer it to your human brothers, you participate in the awakening of consciences. All it takes is the awakening of part of humanity to make it shift in a good direction.

However, for those who do not wish to understand anything, for those who have intoxicated their bodies, unconsciously very often because they do not see the risks they run, for those who have been manipulated, voluntarily or involuntarily and who serve a cause that is indefensible, there will unfortunately be very little you can do. However, we say this again, even for those who could be considered as lost to society, a miracle is always possible.

If the beings to whom you speak have the capacity to hear what you have to say to them and to accept your words, some small miracles can be accomplished. No human being, no matter what he may have done, is ever lost! Every human being, at the last moment of his life or even in the middle of his life, can shift into another consciousness, even if he has committed totally reprehensible acts.

The Source, in his immense goodness, helps all life to blossom and to develop itself in Love. For this, it constantly sends very important vibratory frequencies that some human beings are capable of picking up and of integrating. All human beings, no matter what they are, also integrate these Love vibrations in tiny or reduced doses. Nothing stops Love; it goes everywhere! All it takes is to simply accept it!

What can you do when faced with the violence of men? Above all, do not enter into this violence! Try to dominate your own reactivity, your own passions that you could consider as inferior.

We are going to talk a little about politics. It is not necessary to be passionate about it! You must also simply understand that at that level also, what must be, will be!

Therefore, in your life in general, avoid going beyond certain limits, always master your emotions, your sentiments (not affective sentiments), and all reactions that can be yours in relation to a certain subject and in relation to all that surrounds you.

If you succeed in mastering your emotions, your passions and your sentiments well, you automatically elevate your vibratory frequency! This allows you to really be of help to all of your brothers. This aid is not always visible because true aid is not seen, it is done in silence.

There will certainly still be moments of violence and even of great violence but, little by little, all of this will come to an end. You will have another way of living and of conceiving of life; human beings will be much more evolved than they are right now and will really wish to live in harmony, in joy, in serenity, in fraternity and of course in Love.

Human beings will not allow themselves to manipulate or be manipulated like it has been the case now for hundreds and thousands of years. They will know where they wish to go and what destiny they want. They will choose their own destiny more often.

When you will perceive violence in others during noisy manifestations, try never to get caught up in the violence! Taking into account your path, you will not have the right attitude and will not “win” in relation to these beings. Stay away from this violence and simply ask God to help all the people who are in fear and therefore in violence.

We are telling you this because it is very important; it is not desirable to keep company with people who can only pull you down! This is important because we, your Brothers in the Light, count on you, Light Workers! We count on your force, on your Love and also on your wisdom to complete the work that you and we do together, we on the planes of Light and you on the Earth's plane.

Some human beings may say: “it is a little egotistical to not go towards persons who are very violent or harmful.” We cannot be in agreement or not in agreement with that, we are simply saying that those who are really open upon the spiritual path must continue in this way to elevate as much as possible their vibratory frequency.

Other human beings will be more at their place in the timely aid that they can bring to these violent beings, to these unhappy beings, to these beings who have programmed difficult experiences for themselves (because this is the way this must be conceived).

In any case, a moment will come when the aid will no longer be useful (in the sense that you understand it right now) because there will be a departure of some beings who will no longer be in vibratory accord; these departures will be due to heart attacks for example. There will be sudden departures.

People, who absorb drugs and alcohol, etc., must be helped if this is possible but you must above all make them understand that at this time they must abstain. Some will be able to do so, others not. This is not bad because a human being comes into this world totally programmed with experiences of his life.

Human beings have within a deep fraternity and Love for each other. They sometimes prove it in strange ways; when one of their brothers is in danger of dying, they do all they can to save him without even thinking of the mortal risk they themselves can be exposing themselves to.

Every human being has an immense power of Love inside that emanates from his Divine part. In general, the human being is above all else Love. However, human beings who have chosen their programming forget that they are essentially beings of Love!

Before ending this subject, we would like to tell you that you cannot bear the weight of the other, that you cannot save the other because each person, no matter what they are and what they have to live through, must experience his programming. You can simply, through your behavior, your listening and your Love, make this programming lighter and help this person to lead their life experiences that they have programmed in the best way.

From the moment that you conceive of each human being living his own experiences, you cannot have the same attitude towards him, you cannot save him in an absolute way; you can simply, in the silence of your heart, send him Love. This is the best way to help your brothers, because to try to convince them that they are going the wrong way or trying to show them another way risks having them go against their programming.”

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