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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

An invisible but real aid


“Sometimes human beings complain and ask: “why this injustice, why this violence, why so much suffering, why are there wars?” In their suffering, they also ask: “Why don't our Brothers in the Light and our Galactic Brothers help us?”

We answer them with this: we have helped you much more than you think! Our help is not always visible but it is real! If we had not helped you, your world would no longer be what it is now! By stupidity or unconsciousness (pardon us the use of these words) human beings have manipulated nature, radioactivity, have fabricated bombs, etc...If we had not been there to rectify their mistakes, your world would be absolutely unlivable! We have rectified many human errors, for example when certain nuclear plants have been defective. We watch over all of your nuclear plants, much more than you think, which are a great danger for your world.

Therefore, we act but in an imperceptible way for men. They have the impression that nothing can happen to them or that it is not serious to manipulate one energy or another but there are around them and over them what we call those who watch over. Not only do they offer them the Love Light Vibration but they also watch over so that humanity does not make too many errors, especially irreparable errors. Your world is precious in this solar system and it is considerably helped by those you call your Galactic Brothers.

You say that we do not help you. It isalso very important that you understand the help that can come from yourselves; that it is necessary for you to awaken to a new consciousness that will lead you inexorably towards a better future. Of course, you only see in your life right now, violence, suffering and obscurity of conscience but you do not see, because what you call “the medias” do not show you, or only rarely, the altruism, the beauty, the generosity, the Love and all that human beings are capable of realizing.

Human beings have an immense force but they have forgotten it a little; they have an immense Love but they have also forgotten that a little; and often they do not dare; they do not dare speak about Love because for them Love is not the reality (it does not have the same reality as for us) for them Love is often sentiment and even suffering.

From the moment that you will really understand what the Love Vibration consists of, there will only be happiness, there will be no more suffering, no matter what you may experience; there will only be generosity.

Your world is in great change, everything is accelerating and everything is still going to accelerate, however do not forget that you are also the artisans of your future; depending on your spiritual evolution, and of what you could understand and of what you could offer, you will enlighten yourself, you will radiate and at that moment what we call “the light that is not enlightened” will exist less and less. Of course, for the moment, you only see the unenlightened light at work but all unenlightened light can be absorbed, totally diluted in the Light and the radiation of Love.

We understand that your social life is difficult, that youth has no “interesting future”, as some say on Earth. The reason is that you have not known how to manage modernism, that is to say all that has been offered as very advanced technology because the human consciousness, and above all, unfortunately, those who govern the world, have not known how to unselfishly put technology at the disposition of men; technology has replaced men when it could have helped them!

If your civilization wishes to last, there needs to be a different comprehension and the leaders of the world must reconsider life and humanity. Since the machine has replaced man in many cases, (some men, even politicians, are looking at this problem) it is necessary to compensate for this nonprofit and the impossibility that men now have of finding work for “financial compensation”. You are not yet there but if your civilization really wishes to get out of this rut, human beings must understand, help each other and adapt to the current modernity of man. It stands to reason, this will happen in this world but there are still obstructions, some considerable blocks because there are considerable interests.

If we are speaking to you about all of this it is not with the intention of judging anyone, your way of being or of living! We simply wanted to tell you that if your civilization is in difficulty, this comes very simply from poor management of human resources. In the new cycle that you are preparing for, there will be a new management of human resources and a new redistribution.

We would also like to give you hope. Know that we “hear” your suffering and your revolt; many human beings have no more hope, they no longer see the end of the road, they have the impression that their path is totally obstructed. We are however going to tell them that hope is there, that the Light is there and that Love is present in this world and present in their heart.”


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