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Remote Healing


How does remote healing work when it is performed by a therapist? Is it related to our Divine Being? Is it related to thought, intention? Thank you for your reply.

“When a therapist practices healing at a distance with pure intention, he unites himself with the multidimensionality of the person he wishes to help, not ‘cure’.

There is simply a deep relationship in Love. This relationship may be accompanied by techniques, as human consciousness also works with techniques, but beyond the techniques lays the essential.

The following is how it works: a therapist with pure intention raises the intent to help another person, he raises this energy of Love (as one cannot help if it is not out of Love) towards higher spheres of himself. In the invisible, these higher spheres resonate with those of the person he intends to help, and contact is made. If the person is very receptive, the aid takes place because the treatment can be fully integrated, but if the vibration of the person is in total disharmony with the aid, the care may be ineffective.

This is not a matter of awareness, as the person may be unaware of the aid provided. This goes beyond human consciousness.

An aid made out of Love is from higher multidimensionality to higher multidimensionality. This does not happen at the human level, but at the level of the human higher spheres, thus there may be extraordinary results.

You can perform this aid of Love on those you love and on a lot of people, even if they do not know it, even if they are unaware of it. On some people it will have an extraordinary effect because it will be totally integrated by their own multidimensionalities, and on others who have much more opacity in their multidimensionalities, i.e. a refusal of the vibration of this gift of Love (there is also their free will), the care may be ineffective or of little impact.

Real energy healing is usually an act of Love. It may be started with techniques, but the essential is Love. You do not really realize what it really is, as it is not the Feeling Love, it is the Sublime Love. You trigger a different type of Love in you, which is projected onto the person who is to receive it.

During a day, you may generate several kinds of Love that you send to people you love, without being aware of such a Love as it is still unknown to you, it is not even in your human consciousness yet. You are unaware of what you generate.

Gradually, you will have other ways of sending Love, other ways of sensing Love and other ways of loving; it will happen with your own evolution and the increase of your own vibrational rate.

This answer is valid for all therapists .

There is no technique in sending energies ; you can certainly use techniques as a support, but the real technique is the understanding of the energy that emanates from you and which you send to the person you wish to help.

This understanding gives you a different consciousness of your projection ability and of the integration ability of the person who is receiving the energies.”


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