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It matters little who will be what!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

“The “chess pieces” are in the process of putting themselves into place but not like you imagine!

If it is one person who takes the presidency there will momentarily be a certain danger for the world. We do mean “momentarily” because there will not be a third world war. We are watching over this. We absolutely do not wish for the destruction of a country or even the planet with what you call “atomic bombs”.

The elections will have a relative importance! Hear clearly the word “relative”! Whether it is one or the other of the candidates that is elected has no great importance any more than the election of one of the candidates in France would have.

Why? Because human beings have the impression of being masters of the game of life! They are not the masters of the game of life!

On the contrary, in your world, two energies are confronting each other. There are “puppeteers” who manipulate them from one side of the world to the next. It is not our role to say who is pulling the strings and who the puppets are.

There will come a time when the Light will win and this will be much faster than you think!

What you call the new order of the world will not take place at least the way you conceive it or like certain terrestrial entities or non-terrestrial entities would like it to be! The manipulation of man by man is coming to an end! The manipulations of certain energies manipulating man are coming to an end!

Man must acquire his freedom! Man must rediscover his consciousness! Man must rediscover discernment! Man must rediscover his place in this world and beyond this world (when the time comes).

Terrestrial humanity has been placed in quarantine, we would rather say enclosed in a bubble, so that all of the souls coming into this world can live their experiences, even inconsequentially, just up until they will have understood their errors.

At this time, humanity is awakening! If this was not so there would not be all the demonstrations of beings who are not satisfied with their sort, or with their governments, or with their work! They are beginning to say: we no longer want to be governed this way!

This is promising because you may ignore, in a certain way, that we help consciences to awaken so that human beings can rediscover their freedom as human beings.

Do you think that the inhumane work, without respect (for example the work done by children in certain countries) and even if it has been going on for millenniums, can last any longer? Man needs to be human before becoming divine! He needs to rediscover his humanity before passing to supra-humanity. He cannot pass from man being in animality to man that is supra-human. He must pass by freedom, by the awareness of who he is, by the respect for himself and for life!

Therefore, it matters little who will be what! It matters little who will be president in the country you call the United States and it matters little who will be president in the country that is momentarily yours and that you call France!

Do not forget that above your laws the Divine Laws exist!"


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