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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Birth and evolution of souls

“We have already said a while ago that souls are born in the suns.

When a soul, that particle of energy, is conceived in a sun, it is whole, that is to say that it possesses the two polarities, equilibrium, because it is connected to the Source. The soul still has total awareness of what it is; within it is found the particle of God that only asks to grow along with its evolution.

They are showing me a small sphere in the middle of which is found something like a small seed of unimaginable light that is the divine part.

“The divine part emanates directly from the Father and it comes to sow the soul which emanates from the sun.

The soul possesses the two polarities, just as the divine part coming from the Source also possesses the two polarities, that is to say that it is in total equilibrium.

The soul that has just been born of a sun does not incarnate itself right away in a world of density. This would be a grave error because this is not the way evolution takes place.

The soul must first pass through some schools, that is to say some planets that are adapted to what it is in the way of energy. These will be planets that you could consider as gaseous or different from planets of matter.

The soul must therefore have experiences on diverse planets, in diverse schools, and little by little, even if it is born in the sun of your solar system, it must choose to go to other solar systems and to other planets. It is not obligated to do its apprenticeship and all of its experiences in the solar system in which it was born.

As it is still new to experiences, the choice is given it. Its immortal divine part and some great teachers, notably Solar Christs, will take charge of it and direct it towards what it desires for the beginning of its evolution.

When the choice is made, the soul is going to experiment it. It is still whole, that is to say that it has the two polarities in it and in its divine part. In order to be able to experiment when it densifies itself to go into worlds of the most density like the third and fourth dimension, or if it has decided to experiment with the different kingdoms, there will be a momentary separation (a moment that can last thousands of years).

This choice is made in accordance with the two parts of the soul. Each of the two parts of the soul will experiment what it has to experiment, which will cause their evolution for the climbing back up to the Source to go much faster, the goal of the soul always being to climb back up to the Source. (In relation to eternity, “much faster” means absolutely nothing to you!)

All of the solar systems, all of the galaxies, all of the constellations and even all of the universes have their own rules but there is also a general rule that governs all. This is to say that in each solar system certain laws apply depending on the evolution that one sphere or another or one sun or another must bring to the souls and to their divine part that will make the request and that will have chosen to go evolve at one place or another in your solar system or in the universe.

To know where you came from is of no importance! What is important is to know where you are going! You all come from suns and even if you were born in this solar system, you could continue all of your evolution in the solar system of the Pleiades, Vega, Orion, Sirius or other solar systems. It is not the place of birth of your soul, the sun where it was born that will make you totally belong to a particular solar system.

Some of you say that those coming from the Pleiades are more or less teachers. This is not how it happens! In all of the solar systems and in all of the galaxies there are beings that are more oriented towards research, construction, teaching of what you call mistakenly spirituality, towards medicine, etc.

All of this is applied in a different way depending on the worlds in which souls are found. It is of course evident that all that is happening right now on your planet at the level of you knowledge and at the level of your civilization, has no relation to what is happening on Venus; the laws of Venus are different from the laws of Earth since on Venus you will learn totally different things than on Earth.

There are universal laws that will never change, there are also universal “sub-laws” adapted to the solar systems, to the worlds, to the planets upon which you find yourself.

In each solar system, there are worlds that vibrate or that have a very superior vibratory frequency in relation to others because these are spiritual worlds or material worlds. Each world contains equilibrium. For example, your solar system has equilibrium. All that souls will learn here will really allow to better understand and to grow at the level of the soul and of course at the level of the divine part.

The divine part grows through the experiences that the soul has made in matter in which the vibrations are more or less elevated.

At this time, all is in the process of changing, not only in the solar systems, in the galaxies and in the universe because the moment has come to go much faster, much farther, not only in the creation but also in evolution. The Source has decided to accelerate a certain process of evolution because it has also decided, because it is necessary, to expand all of its Creation.

In the universe, there are places that are completely empty and the Source has decide to “fill up” some empty places by creating more and more galaxies, by creating some solar systems, by creating some constellations, by creating other universes much farther away than our universe.

All is constantly in expansion, in construction but there are moments when the expansion and the construction take place much slower and some moments when they take place with greater rapidity. At this time, all is taking place with the greatest rapidity.

We would also like to say this in relation to you who are incarnated for the moment in this solar system and who have chosen to evolve there (and even to those who do not belong to this solar system but who are incarnated on your Mother Earth):

Before definitively leaving this solar system you must complete a “course” in all of the spheres of this solar system. This course, this passage, could last for one, two, ten or a thousand incarnations; the soul and the divine part must simply have integrated not only all that the spheres could bring to them but also the corresponding energy, as well as the energy of the planets of your solar system, the energy of the constellations, of your galaxy, etc.

Before leaving this solar system to go very far in the universe, you will have to have gone through (and many of you have already passed) through many of the spheres of this solar system. The last two passages will take place on Jupiter and on Venus.

When the soul splits up, the two parts always remain rather close, that is to say in the same solar system and when they leave it they unite, they reunite, they fuse and grow thanks to the experiences that one or the other has made during their multiple incarnations.

If they wish to, they can split up again to go to other solar systems or to other galaxies but if they have really advanced they can also decide to remain whole. Often, this choice is made when they have completed all of the experiences that led them to unity. They are in total unity and to separate would be a heartbreak.

When there has been a fusion of the two parts of the soul, a new separation is much more difficult. This can however take place; it is the choice that is made by the souls that have the desire to experiment more and more through another separation but this choice is not often made.

You, Children of the Earth, who come from all the corners of the galaxy and even from all the corners of the universe, you often have the impression of being lost in this world. This impression comes from the fact that you feel the call of the place where you have experimented in joy, where you have perhaps been much more in harmony with the divine part that dwells in you, but where you have encountered, without having fused, the other part of your soul, your other “half”.

All of this complex and difficult data is hard to explain with human words. Our channel is trying to do it the best way possible but the truth is not totally what she is expressing. We cannot explain Truth because as we have told you the truth is found on each sphere of existence and you can only perceive the truth experienced on this sphere that is not the same as that experienced on other spheres.

The only Truth is detained by the Source! All the rest is only truths that evolve, truths that are coming into being. You can never detain Truth as long as you are in the truth of the world in which you live.”

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