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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Message from the little people

I am hearing a thousand voices saying hello! These are all of the elementals of nature: elves, little fairies of a thousand colors are coming in and are very happy that we are here; they are telling me:

“The elementals of nature, just like the great trees, like the vegetable kingdom, also need the Love of human beings. We cannot cut ourselves off from the other kingdoms; humans cannot cut themselves off from the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, just us we and the different kingdoms cannot cut ourselves off from humans.

So, the little people of nature are very happy to spend some moments with you.”

I see them frolicking and pirouetting about with immense joy! They are telling me:

“We and you need joy! Human beings are in such sadness, such suffering!

We feel this suffering and this sadness. However, we have the possibility of being a little removed from the suffering of human beings living in big cities, but suffering has no barrier nonetheless. We can feel it where we are.

We must also say that the elementals of nature, just like the elements of the vegetable kingdom are in telepathic communication with each other. We can therefore feel the joy or suffering of humans, no matter where we are and communicate joy to them.

We would also like to tell you that at this time the vegetable world is suffering enormously. When you see the immense fires you think of the vegetable kingdom but you do not think of all that is around or in this kingdom. We suffer very much from everything that happens at the level of fires. Some of us are destroyed, not by the fire but by the vibration, even if this may seem strange to you.

When the fires begin to develop, we are forced to go very far away to shelter ourselves from the fire vibration. However, the fire vibration (and even the fire itself) is not negative in itself because fire purifies, cleanses, transforms and transcends. It transcends and purifies matter as well as all that is vibration, all that is energy.

So we, the little people, who are also very much subjected to the vibratory frequency of humans, need purification. We are not destroyed physically but we are afflicted. However, sometimes some of us, the weakest ones, can be destroyed physically.

What does the word “physically” mean to you? We do not have the same physique as you; however we exist in our way with a physical form.

In the near future, there will no longer be barriers between the parallel worlds and the world of humans. We live in a parallel world that is very close to yours and some humans having the possibility of telepathic perception can see us, feel us and love us and we can exchange in a very agreeable way, in Love, in joy with all the humans who can perceive us, who feel us and who love us.

We would also like to tell you this: when you send Love to the different kingdoms, when you send Love to all your human brothers, do not forget us! Even if we do not live in your dimension, we function in a world that is very close to yours, even if its vibratory frequency is different (this is why you cannot perceive us); we therefore need the Love of human beings.

So, do not forget us! In your prayers, send us your Love and send us your Light, because we need it!

We are sometimes very unhappy when men, in their unconsciousness, constantly destroy our habitat. We are then obligated to unite ourselves in preserved places, in sacred places; we are very numerous. Of course, we do not unite ourselves like you do! We can live in a community but we love above all freedom and space; we each like to live in our own way but we support those of our species and all of the species of the world, the little worlds of the little people with an immense Love.

You ask for help from your guides, you can ask for help from the vegetable kingdom but you can also ask for help from the little people of nature who can also help you. The help we can give you is serenity, peace of the heart and of the soul. Therefore, do not forget us! The more we will be in vibratory communication and in Love, the more we can mutually help each other!

You must understand that you are a part of the All; that you are in permanent relation with all lives and that, in a certain way; we are also a part of your life. You cannot cut yourself off from certain links of life, so be aware of what we are, just as we, a long time ago, became aware of what you are.

In certain countries, we are perceived, recognized and invited. The little people however have a very joyous and childlike character, even teasing. They love to play and they are sometimes a little facetious but they have an enormous Love to give, even if that Love is different from yours.”

They are telling me this:

“You are aware of the importance of the Moon. When the sky is lit up by a very beautiful moon, we reunite ourselves under the great master trees and we dance and we sing; the sound that emanates from us is different from that which can emanate from human beings.

We pay tribute to life every month and at that moment some beings that are very different from us join us. Gnomes come out of the earth and fairies mix in with our little people. It is a great joy to be able to honor life and to reunite ourselves in Love.

You do this sometimes but in a different way. If we are telling you this it is to tell you to what point the reunions of human beings or the little people of the earth are important in vibration and in Love. Even the great master trees everywhere in the world, communicate also from time to time between themselves!

Nothing is separated from anything else! Like us, you are a part of the All! You must also understand that nothing is separated from anything!

They are telling me again:

“We are going to return to our homes, we are going to play on the branches, we are even going to play on you, pass over your heads, over your shoulders and caress you; we love to do this! It is our way of giving you our Love and the serenity that is in us.

Joy never prevents serenity! We possess joy, whereas human beings are beginning to lose it more and more. This joy must return to their hearts! Life without joy is not life! Trees have joy, animals have joy and we, the little people, have joy. It is just that each manifests it differently.

Now, we have said what we had to say to you.

We would simply like to communicate in Love with you, to feel and to receive your Love.”

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