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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

The Perfect Ones

“Cathars had a philosophy that led them to great wisdom, great understanding of the being, great respect and much Love. (We speak of “philosophy” because this word corresponds more to reality). They put much Love into their behavior and they practiced helping one another and due to the fact that their philosophy did not correspond with the beliefs of their time, they bothered religions enormously.

They not only bothered religions! They had a hidden power, the power given to every man who has attained a certain level of wisdom and who has liberated himself from his hindrances. Those of the Cathars who had attained a certain spiritual level and who had liberated themselves from their hindrances had capacities that were uncommon that created fear in the men of that era.

In your time when everything seems very difficult, you are still blessed! Our channel can express herself without being burned at the stake or destroyed in one way or another! You still have the possibility of opening yourself more and more to spirituality without being blocked or imprisoned; you are free in spirit.

No matter what happens now you will advance! You have had the courage to not allow yourself to be imprisoned in anything, in any religion or philosophy; you have had the courage to remain free and no one can imprison you in anything because you have acquired discernment, even if sometimes you still ask yourself questions in relation to those who surround you; however, at the spiritual level you have found the path that you will follow for the rest of your life.

The Cathars, whom some called “the Perfect Ones”, were of course not perfect, because a human being is never perfect when he is in matter!

You are submitted to the vibration of matter, you are in the process of becoming perfect, but you cannot be perfect as long as you possess a material body, even if you succeed in elevating your own vibration considerably.

The Cathars, the “Perfect Ones”, were obviously well in advance of their time! You who listen to us or read us could be Cathars, you could be a part of the Perfect Ones because your consciousness is open, because you respect the other, because you are aware of what you must do and not do, because you have, in the deepest part of yourself, the great willpower to advance in Wisdom and in Love.

You could very well be those who, at that time, were called the “Perfect Ones”. However, what is perfection? At the spiritual level, what is perfection?

Perfection corresponds to the evolution of the moment! Perfection is in permanent mutation, in permanent transformation because what is perfect today for you, whether in your life's relationships, your affective life or in your spiritual life, will be much less so tomorrow because you will have evolved and you will always be looking for perfection and equilibrium.

Therefore, at the time of the Cathars, the Perfect Ones were not perfect and they knew it. They believed in God and prayed to Him; they were very strongly connected to God but had no need for priests or prelates to pray to Him. They connected themselves directly to the Source; they had a consciousness that you have also acquired. Like you, during their meditations, they connected themselves to God or to the Divine Part that dwelled in them as it dwells in each of you.

To have this consciousness is already a great step in evolution. If many more human beings had awareness of their belonging to God, if they were aware of the Divine Spark that lives in each one of them, there would be much less violence, much less suffering and much more respect, fraternity and Love!

Revolutions, whether religious, cultural or social, are never the doing of the majority! They are always made by strong minorities, powerful in their Love and in their deep conviction of being able to change things. True transformations do not come from the masses of human beings because the mass of humans is often asleep, heavy, slow and easily manipulated.

To evolve, there is need of awakened beings, self-willed and courageous, who can also give constantly of themselves, who can make the sacred gift of giving their life through Love.

This is not what is asked of you! What is asked of you is simply to be aware of who you are and of what you are, and to never lose this awareness! What is asked of you is to love yourself! If you cannot love yourself, it is asked of you to be aware that by loving yourself it is your divinity, your mother soul that you love, that you honor.

What is asked of you is to free yourself from your hindrances, to free yourself from all that slows you down, so that your consciousness can enlighten itself more and more! All useless veils must be removed so that you can have another regard upon yourselves, and that you can recuperate the faculties of the spirit that are dormant in you and only ask to express themselves.

These faculties of the spirit are obviously telepathy, the capacity to communicate with the invisible planes, that of perceiving a little the future or of receiving messages that help you.

It is also asked of you to break your chains; that is to free yourself from your ties to the past.

In any case, what is not done in the consciousness of the renewal will be done in one way or another! This immense transformation of life will take place in a more or less acceptable manner, it will be easy or difficult depending on the terrain that you have prepared!

Imagine that you are a laborer whose mission is to labor in the deepest part of himself in order to tear out all of the bad weeds. Sometimes, he must pull them out by hand because during the labor they can be buried and grow again, therefore polluting him once again. When his inner terrain will be sufficiently worked, a new state of being and a new life will bloom in him!

No matter what you must live through, you will live it in confidence, faith, serenity and Love!

You will work on this field over and over until there is no more bad weed; then you will sow multiple facets of Love, those that you have understood. You will sow all of the joys that you will have discovered in you and around you. You will sow this field with flowers of a thousand colors that will represent what you have become (not only the colors of your centers of force but also with colors that you ignore of yourselves and that really do exist).

Imagine the day when, as you awaken, you will be aware of this marvelous field that you have labored on so many times and that you will see multicolored flowers scattered around that are beauty, Love, Wisdom and Joy. You will never tire of seeing what you have become, to see this magnificent field that has required so much work and courage from you! "

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