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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

The Elements

“We are going to speak to you about the elements and their relation with the Earth and with you because you will be subjected to more and more phenomena in connection with the elements.

Know that Mother Earth, at this time, needs the enormous energy generated by thunderstorms. All of the impacts that she receives give her an energy that is necessary to her equilibrium, due to the imbalance she suffers because of what you are, due to your thoughts and behavior. Therefore, she needs, just as you do, to constantly re-harmonize herself in order to remain centered so that she can continue her ascension, her transition. (We say to continue, because your Mother Earth has begun her transition).

We are, therefore, going to speak to you about thunderstorms. Lightning, as with everything, has two polarities: positive and negative. You need to be able to completely recognize, feel and integrate the positive side of electricity generated by lightning because you need it as much as your Mother Earth does for your own transition.

Remember that you are energy and that this supplementary or complimentary supply of energies is necessary to you right now even though you are not conscious of it. You cannot imagine that when lightning hits the Earth it also touches you energy bodies, but not your physical body because you would be at great risk not to resist its impact.

Lightning is a very important element; it is an element of Light. Or course you see it as such when you observe its physical manifestation, but on the subtle side, on the side invisible to your eyes, lightning is a precious element of evolution.

So, if lightning is of great importance for the Earth and for all living things, so are the other elements such as water, air, and fire because they address themselves to parts of you. What you see of these elements is simply their visible, material, and temporal manifestation. What you cannot see, however, is all the subtlety, the side that is totally Light in all of these elements.

Fire is also of considerable importance, just as water is at this time. These are elements essential for the transformation. Therefore, when you are confronted with these elements and you succumb to fear, you feed into the negative polarity of these elements.

If you think that it is perfect for you, not only will you feed into the positive side, but the resonance between you and the positive side of the element that is within you, will keep you out of reach of the negative pole and the negative impact that the element might have upon you, your possessions, or your surroundings.

Have you ever wondered about why, in the same area, lightning strikes a certain person, a certain house, a particular point rather than another? Have you ever wondered about why storms devastate one place rather than another? In the same radius of action, one house may be spared while the neighboring house is seriously damaged. One tree could fall while two meters away another tree remains totally intact.

There are several reasons for it: if you begin to understand how nature functions, how you function in relation to it, you can benefit from the positive aspects of the unleashed elements, and because of this you will be sheltered from the destruction that these elements might cause. Some people do this instinctively; they are not aware of what the elements generate, and so, without being aware of it, they protect themselves from their fury.

Whenever you are confronted with the element of wind, the element of water, the element of fire, with the element of earth with its trembling and jolts (maybe not you necessarily, but other people), try to see Love because Love is the energy in everything. Try to feel deep in your heart its life, its presence, and the presence of the part that is Light.

In the part of the element that is Light, dwells what you could call the Divinity or the spirit of that element. If you manage to enter into contact with the spirit of the element, particularly at the level of Love, not only will you put yourself completely out of reach of the negative pole of that element but also, you will feel a considerable sense of well being in your physical body, in your subtle bodies, and even at the level of your consciousness.

It is the Earth that is generating all of this right now because it suffers too much from humanity’s behavior in general. It is obligated to react because it does not want to be annihilated, and human beings, despite what they call their great science, will not be able to do anything to stop its prodigious force and all that it is activating and will activate around it and within it.

Human beings, unfortunately, have lost the deep connection that they need to keep with the Earth and the heavens. Now, it is an absolute obligation for all life on Earth to reconnect with Mother Earth and the heavens, that is to say all the components of the heavens, whether they be the spheres, the planets, or whether it also be the considerable energy emanating from the master Sun from the deepest region of the Universe.

You must ask yourselves how you can protect yourselves from the disproportionate heat spells that you will again experience. Ask your body to regulate its temperature so that you will not be bothered or even wiped out by the excessive temperatures.”

It’s strange, I now see the wind. What we see of the wind is simply its physical manifestation, but I am seeing its spiritual manifestation. The wind contains an immense Love, the air has an immense Love for us and a deep respect for life. The wind is generated by Mother Earth, as are the thunderstorms, and the rain of course, as well as fire.

“Mother Earth needs to regenerate herself through fire, and her only distress is that she must destroy vegetable and animal kingdoms. Otherwise, for her, it is like cutting your hair, she knows that she can give life again to the vegetable kingdom and even to the animal kingdom because there are animals who will escape, who will be warned just as you humans, of all that is to pass.

Mother Earth has grown up; she has a new consciousness of what she is and a new consciousness of what you are, and also a new consciousness of the suffering that you generate, of the suffering that you make her experience.”

They are showing me an image in relation to man: we must be able to walk on our tiptoes.

“It is a symbol. Through all the tribulations that the Earth still must undergo and will cause others to undergo, it will be necessary for the inhabitants of cities to be able to walk on tiptoes in order not to be affected.

The only way for humans not to be affected is to understand, to accept, to align oneself constantly, not only with the energies of the Earth, but also with the energies of the heavens, of the Universe. It is to view everything from a higher perspective and to have total confidence in their immense protection.

Learn, however, to build a dome of Light over your houses, over the places where you live, over your villages and your towns. Fill this dome with Love, Christic Love, peace, and joy. All that this touches will be continually pervaded with Love, Light, peace, and joy and will be hardly affected by the dark side or the negative pole of everything.

We know that when the elements are unleashed, a human being feels not only weakened but also does not know what to do or how to react because fear comes over him. This is when you absolutely must have self-confidence, when you must address by telepathy the spirits of the elements that are disturbing you.

Always seek the positive side, the spiritual side of the unleashed elements, no matter which ones they are. You have considerable power to communicate, to enter into a connection, in relation to everything that surrounds you, with all of the elements, with all of the kingdoms, with your Mother Earth, and with yourself, that is to say your inner sun.

Learn each day to do it. It is not a task, it is a form of consciousness. Elevate yourself in this consciousness every day. When you hear the wind blow, instead of being afraid of its damage, seek the spiritual side of the element air, send it much Love and you will see that it will respond to you. Do the same for the rain, for a thunderstorm, and for fire.

You can also do so when you see a fire on your television screen. You can put the fire out with nothing more than your thought because you can ask the spirit of the fire not to destroy.

Man has the power of God within him. Despite his apparent weakness, man is above all the elements. Fortunately, he is not aware of this because with his lack of wisdom, he could cause some serious damage.

In the immense Wisdom of the Father, all will not be revealed to man until he has acquired some common sense and when he knows exactly how to measure his powers and utilize them only for Love, for the good of everyone, of everything, of all life.

The successive veils that the Wisdom of the Father has placed on your consciousness are an immense protection for you and for others, but now you need to learn to remove them one by one.

As long as you are still in reaction in regard to yourself, in regard to those who surround you, in regard to life, to injustice, to violence, to everything that is life at this time on Earth, you will not really have access to your powers because the fact of being in reaction against this or that thing can incite you to use these powers in a negative way. Man, in his consciousness, seems always to be right. If he is not wise enough, he will always have false reasons to act and to understand.

You must also learn to recognize your fears, to work on them because they are still legion in each one of you, they hide themselves in the little folds of the dark side that dwells in you, and when you expect it least, they emerge to disturb you.

Once you have assimilated that your life is as precious as it is ephemeral, you will totally integrate that you have eternity to explore life, that eternity is within you, nothing will affect you, neither death, nor any fear, and your veils will fall one after the other.

You are perfect beings living in imperfection, while you could very easily experience perfection. You are awakened beings but you fall asleep very often while you could be continually experiencing the awakening.

You could feel deeply with great acuity, and with great force everything that surrounds you, you could feel the mineral kingdom with all the marvelous things that it has to offer you. You could feel very deeply the vegetable kingdom with all the marvelous things that it has to offer you. You could feel very close to the animal kingdom and have some profound exchanges with it. Animals are our little brothers, they are so close to you. They also are awakening more and more to another consciousness. More and more, they are becoming conscious of the Love that dwells within them; they wish to live differently, in a world with much less violence, much more Love, much more peace. An animal is like a man, it loves to live in peace, it loves to live in Love, it has need of Love, and it has need of peace.

Prepare yourself, as it is about time that you live in perfect harmony with all of the kingdoms that are indispensable to the life of man. If, around him man did not have this marvelous nature, these marvelous animals, he would not have been able to live. Certainly, he could have lived physically but there would have been such a lack, such an imbalance that he would have languished very rapidly and would have been wiped out.”


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