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Parallel Dimensions


Can you tell us about the role of parallel dimensions? Thank you.

“Parallel dimensions do not play an important role in this dimension. However there may be interferences among dimensions. There are some junction points in some way, there are space-time gates that may open one dimension to another.

Your universe and a ‘twin’ one are in a parallel dimension.

As we have already said, there are many parallel dimensions. Life is so immense that you do not even grasp one hundred millionth of what life can represent.

If you could approach life a little closer, your brain would blow up. Your brain lacks the ability to understand the immensity of life, the immensity of dimensions. Creation is something fantastic, fabulous, and you are unable to apprehend life with your body of matter, with all the locks you have undergone. You can only apprehend a very small part of life.

There are space-time gates from one dimension to another, which explains some unexplained disappearances.

We will not speak again of the Bermuda Triangle, but know that there are space-time gates among several dimensions currently on your planet, and on all the others of course. You have the ability to cross over into one dimension and return to your own one before the gate closes.

You have shot some films speaking of these parallel dimensions. These films are not totally false. There are, of course, completely inaccurate things in them, but there is also some reality. You should remember that the filmmakers and the directors are sometimes inspired by your Brothers of Light, by your galactic brothers.

The parallel dimensions will not play any role in relation to the transition.”

However, they say the following which is important:

“When the first transition is accomplished, lots of space-time gates will open to give you the opportunity to travel to other solar systems, to other planets all the way to the bottom end of your universe.

Time vortexes exist on this world. These gates have been closed voluntarily for thousands of years, so that human beings are able to live all the experiences they have to go through. The space-time gates were closed, so that some violent human beings would not be able to disturb some other worlds that are still living in peace. There must not be any interpenetration of planes without the agreement of the Hierarchies of Light.

There are time vortexes in Egypt, of course, there are also in South America, India, France and in many corners of the world. In Provence, there is a very important one that will be discovered in a future time. These time vortexes will project humanity to other places, to other horizons, and will give humans the opportunity to go find their galactic brothers. It is only a dream come true, at the moment, when the time comes this will become reality.

We inform you of so many things that we understand that you may doubt the reality of some of them. Once you have a little grown, when some veils are removed, you will understand what you could not tackle, that you could not be aware of thousands of current realities.

You are not aware of what is around you, on your own earth, your own world. Some realities are invisible to your eyes, at the moment.

Life is everywhere in your atmosphere. There is no one place on your planet, on your solar system or universe where life does not exist. However life takes many forms. You will have to integrate and accept that and so much more.

The hardest thing for humans is to accept what they cannot understand, to accept the unacceptable. Little by little everything will come to light in you, and we can assure you that you will become a Light Man in a very short time. We will not tell you when, we simply say: ‘a time will come’ ...”


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