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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

The conflicts

“You have often spoken about the conflicts in the world; you see the conflicts but you do not see the ins and outs. You think that they have as their only goal to “fill the pockets” of all the arms traders, no matter who they are. This is misunderstanding what the conflicts of the world can really represent.

Of course, certain humans profit from the conflicts and have no scruples about destroying other human beings but these profiteers are manipulated, without being aware of it, by entities working for the dark light.

These entities exist but you do not see them; they have a great influence and a great importance in relation to planet Earth and to its inhabitants.

We have told you a long time ago that certain entities nourish themselves on the suffering of human beings, and even on their energies of anger and violence. In order to continue to nourish themselves they foment wars here and there and as long as you have not understood that beyond the arms traders there is really something else, you will not stop the conflicts.

However, human beings are not the only decision makers. There are others (the guardians of this world notably) who are currently making radical decisions for your world, by inspiring certain governments (we have already spoken about this) so that peace can install itself definitively in this world.

For the moment, it is the Near and Middle East that are subjected to these wars and who unfortunately live through these destructions with much difficulty. But, once again, at a certain level, there is no respect for human nature, for the human being. Unfortunately, some of your human brothers have no awareness that life is sacred and instead of destroying it for profit, they should simply protect it.

We have often worked so that peace could install itself in the world and first of all in the Middle and Near East. We have said that there is a very negative vortex that non-human beings rush into (they have however a different humanoid form from yours) to profit from certain vibrations, from certain energies emitted by humans living on the planet Earth.

We are going to explain this to you simply:

You who have already opened up a superior consciousness in relation to what is common in your human brothers, you love to go towards energies that are very light, energies of Love, energies of serenity, of joy; this nourishes you and makes you grow.

There are also beings, very different from you obviously who nourish themselves with the opposite, that is to say with suffering and the violence of human beings.

What can you do to help us, your galactic brothers, to accelerate the moment when peace, serenity and fraternity will exist in this world? Simply, avoid generating thoughts of fear, of suffering, of violence, because you attract non-human beings who nourish themselves on what is inferior and that emanates from you.

However, as all evolves in a considerable way, in a little while there will be no more conflicts on Earth, for several reasons that we will not speak about right now.

Wars will try to move to other continents, notably to Africa and Asia. But, there again, there will be oppositions on the part of the Light to these wars, even if they have been programmed, and they will have difficulty being declared.

Many doors are closing to war, gratuitous violence and even genocide; some will be closed definitively.

Peace in the Middle East has and will have an impact on the world; this very powerful foyer could have generated a world war (not a nuclear war as you may have supposed), but an economic and fratricidal war. An economic war can cause serious destabilization for populations.

Many things will still take place but less and less because everything is stabilizing itself, almost by miracle.

We have often asked you to send much Light and Love onto the countries that are subjected to the ravages caused by man (and well beyond man). Your little action participates also in the closing of the vortex of the Middle East. It is not yet completely closed because there are still places where these forces still have much influence.

Beings are manipulated by forces whose origin they do not even know, through other human beings of course and always for the same reasons: the profit of certain men and a “nourishment” very particular to these non-human beings.

We have told you some years ago that all the undesirable beings who are still on Earth will not be able to stay much longer because the vibratory frequency of the Earth will change enormously.

Right now, it is changing greatly.”

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