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The appearances

There have been numerous apparitions of Mary: at Lourdes, at Fatima, in Egypt, at Medjugorje and many other places. Is this true? Did Mary really come to visit men to give them messages and what was the goal?

“Of course, all these apparitions are true, but whether or not it was Mary is not really important! These apparitions simply took place to help human beings.

When there were apparitions at Fatima, obviously the Sun did not dance in the sky! The form that the children saw could have been Mary, but this is not what is important, it is what was said that is important.

An apparition can simply be a holographic manifestation, it can just simply be the manifestation of one of your Galactic Brothers who accepts to manifest himself to speak to humans about their mistakes, to warn them or to help them!

However, Mary can also manifest herself, like she did at Lourdes, because there it really was her. This is easy for her! She lived on Earth, she knew humans and sometimes she decides to take on the human form to be able to help her human brothers.

There will be other manifestations, because human beings must go much more towards true spirituality, towards the knowledge of worlds and not simply that of their sphere of existence.

Many beings are too ignorant! They cannot imagine their Galactic Brothers. They can believe certainly in life after death, but they cannot be told too much about it because they reject it, they do not accept it.

If you say to many human beings that Mary has come to manifest her Presence to deliver a message, some will believe it and some will not; if you say that it is the Galactic Brothers or Sisters who have manifested themselves to help humans, a great majority of humans will not believe it either; humans believe what they want to believe and not what we want them to believe.

They have a belief that is sometimes limited about what life is about; they see and believe depending on what they see and not depending on what they do not see.

Many human beings could say that our channel has made up things; they do not see; therefore, they have great liberty to say that it is not true, that she is telling stories; we can understand it because if you do not feel and do not perceive, you have the right to ask yourself questions.

It is for this that you must never force anyone to believe anything, you must simply lead people gently towards another comprehension.

Effectively, there have been manifestations, and there will be more and more, of extraordinary Beings, even some manifestations of Sananda (Jesus), but he will always manifest himself in the most beautiful way, never in a more somber way as you have manifested him (crucified).

He will manifest himself as a being radiating Light and Love, he will manifest himself to the sight of human beings when the moment has come, and when you will see this manifestation you will also know that the moment has come!

There will be many manifestations in the sky, there will be manifestations on earth, and you will be informed. Above all, when these moments will present themselves, have no fear, on the contrary, rejoice! Be happy in your heart, open it to the Love, because you will know that humanity will finally be liberated from the chains that it has been dragging for thousands of years. These chains will be removed from it! At that moment, human beings will be a part of the Galactic Confederation, they will be accepted in the world of the Stars, because they will no longer be able to bring disturbances, and this, because of their actual limited consciousness.

Therefore, when you see the signs in the sky or some manifestations, rejoice! The chains will fall one after the other, and those who have enchained humanity will really perish; they will experience a regression, that is to say that their soul must start over with the journey because they have not understood, they have not accepted, because they were too much into power upon other human beings, too much into the material consciousness to an extreme.

So, this is what we wished to say in relation to this question.”

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