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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

The Universe

Will the Universe that you and we all live in be always in expansion?

“We understand that the Universe and the creation remain a mystery for you. We simply ask you this: do you not believe that giving birth to a child can also be considered as a mystery? Things happen because they must happen.

Imagine an immense orchestra where every planet, every solar system and every human being had a part. However the human being can only hear a tiny part of the music from the gigantic concert given by Life; he can only receive and register what corresponds to his level of consciousness. He does not have the capacity to listen to, to hear and to feel the marvelous symphony of the universe.

The universe cannot stop itself from growing! We cannot however give you a reference in relation to the immensity of the universe!

Neither we, nor the Great Beings who are well above us, nor the Creator Gods can know how the universe and the Creator of all life were born. We know that this is, very simply!

We can tell you that the universe is and will be, for an unlimited time, always in expansion, always in evolution. And you, Children of the Earth, you are, just as we are, a part of this evolution! Simply raise your eyes to the sky and you will see the infinity of the grandeur of the Source, you will see that there are billions and billions of solar systems and galaxies.

It is first of all thanks to the first creation of the Source that it can evolve and understand its own creation. There are infinite levels of consciousness and infinite levels of evolution that we cannot describe to you because you would not be capable of understanding because you are in matter that overshadows certain perceptions.

Even if you were no longer in matter you would only understand what corresponds to the plane on which you find yourself; each plane has its comprehension of life, each plane has its comprehension of God, of the Source and each time that you climb up a level or that you go from one solar system to another, always more evolved, your field of consciousness and your field of vision will bring you closer and closer to the Truth.

Only the Source, the Father-Mother, holds the Truth! Life, in its magnificence, only has bits of the truth, truths that, in addition change depending on the function of its constant evolution. You, Children of the Earth, are constantly evolving and what was truth for you becomes pure lie when you have understood something else about life, when you have integrated other parameters.

Therefore, where is the truth, where is the lie or the counter-truth? There is no absolute truth as long as you are in matter! At this moment you are in the third dimension but in the universe there are infinite dimensions, which is to say that levels of consciousness generate fields of vibration and infinite vibratory frequencies!

It is obvious that each sphere of your solar system, like your Father Sun, has its own vibratory frequency; each life finding itself in the spheres of your solar system also has its own vibratory frequency. However, in these vibratory frequencies there are several stages of evolution. For your Earth, the dimensions correspond to the levels of consciousness of what human beings are right now; they live in the third dimension and straddle the fourth and the fifth when they elevate their consciousness greatly; this is a part of the vibrations and the levels of consciousness inherent to the matter that clothes them. So the more that you elevate your vibratory frequency and your level of consciousness, the more you will refine your body that will become more and more subtle.

To accede to the knowledge of the universe, learn to know yourself! The more you learn to know yourself, the more you will approach the universe because what is in you is a part of it; you are yourself a little universe and the God of your universe is your soul mother, your divine part but you are not aware of it because you live in the slumber of terrestrial life. Why! Simply because when you come into this world you have very limited capabilities that only correspond to the experiences of Earth and of matter.

Thanks to the creation, thanks to the beings living in millions of worlds, and therefore thanks to all of this life, the universe learns about itself, that is to say that God, creator of all things, constantly learns about Himself; He learns about His own creation that constantly restores to him his own evolution.

This can seem rather hermetic! Therefore consider that the Source is Life, that the Source is everywhere, that God is in you and that He is in all that you can conceive and feel in this world and elsewhere! Your divine part is a tiny spark of the Divine Father who placed this spark in you so that you could climb up little by little towards Him.

What has been created by the Source will inescapably return to the Source, therefore all that has been created by God will inescapably return to God!”

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