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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

The soul does not suffer!

“What is the soul in relation to you?

We have often told you – and the book “Naissance et periple d'une ame” (Birth and the Journey of the Soul) is explicit in giving you a first clarification – that, to come and experiment life in dense matter, you need a tool that is adapted to it.

Therefore, the creator gods, the great Beings of Light or the great Hierarchies of Light have given beings who incarnate in such and such a sphere the possibility of choosing a body that is adapted to the world they are going to, but also to the mission or to the experiences that they have chosen.

Your body cannot function with this impalpable part, inexistent for a human, invisible, and that you call “the soul”. It is the soul that gives its function to the body. Proof: when the soul leaves the body, the body destroys itself!

The motors that are the soul and the divine part give, through Love, the possibility to the body of matter to experiment and to transmit all its concentrated experimentations to the soul.

We are coming back to this subject because it is important that you understand the process of former lives and what it means notably to “cleanse the former lives”, “to cleanse the soul”. We are going to try to make you understand all of this better.

The soul does not suffer: it is immaterial. From the moment that you incarnated, you can be in relation with one or more spheres (that are small parts of your mother soul) of one or more of your former lives.

However, the human personality being what it is, to be able to better adapt to painful experiences of life and not to blame themselves, humans, in their conscience, just simply say that they “cleanse” their former lives.

They already have enough work to cleanse their experience in matter, during fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty or one hundred years (which represents nothing in the eyes of the Universe); they already need to transform themselves!

Of course, you are in relation with your diverse spheres, and it is for this that, during certain therapies, you can be aware of other existences. However, if you suffer because of it, it is because you identify with this suffering that no longer belongs to you, that belongs to another life that you have lived elsewhere and that remains somewhere but does not have the importance that you give it in your present life.

Some memories and certain sensations can reinforce your emotions. If you are no longer in accordance with your life, if you are in revolt or in suffering – it is perhaps to excuse the non-acceptance of your experiences – you could say (this is very convenient for humans): I am being subjected to karmic law, I am in the process of cleansing, to pay for former lives where I committed such and such an act.

You could have said that before 2012, but now you must learn other things, to have another awareness of what you are, of your body, of the little “soul sphere” that lives in you, of the profound relation with your mother soul, with all of the other spheres (this happens in the unconscious), and with your divine part.

Know well that now you are in the experimentation of matter. As long as you are in it, you will have the necessary tool to experiment life in matter. However, all your life, as you have not always been in accordance with a certain suffering that, once again, may have been created by the choice of experiences, by the duality in relation to yourself, the non-acceptance of what you are or the duality with others, you have created a suffering that often you unconsciously connect to a problem that does not belong in your current life in your current world.

Nothing can alter the soul! The soul exists in such a subtle way that the human consciousness cannot even discern it! It is immaterial, intangible; it has no reality in your world of the third dimension, in your world where all is tangible, where all is matter, where you can see, where you can touch, where you can hear!

Your soul, due to the way in which you function, can neither see, nor touch, nor hear. On the contrary, your soul directs in a certain way the vehicle that is your body so that you can live through your experimentations.

Your researchers have some theories in relation to life, to the cosmos and to the Universe. They have created some instruments that allow the measurement of space, time, and many things that concern uniquely that world in which you live! Once again, man equips himself with instruments that allow him to investigate, but at the human level.

From the moment that you go beyond the human, you have a totally different awareness of all that surrounds you, of the cosmos, of the Universe, of your solar system, of the Sun and of all that surrounds you. No tool, except those connected to terrestrial life, can make you understand the reality of Life beyond matter and your body.

Let's come back to the soul! It guides you, it helps you, but you do not yet completely have the capacity of connecting yourself to it as a part of you, that certainly exists, that has an existence much more important and almost eternal in relation to your multiple bodies.

Therefore, you must first have opened a door, that you have really opened yourself to another reality of yourself to begin to comprehend what you are beyond matter.

We cannot really teach you what you cannot understand because you do not have the adapted tools and that you have not come into this world to understand what does not belong to this world!

However, there are always doors, there are always corridors, some passages between your very dense world and worlds that are subtler where your soul is found (these are not even subtle worlds, this is a non-reality at the physical level). There are vibratory passages, energy passages (this occurs at the level of the spiritual consciousness) between what you are as energy and vibratory bodies and between what you are as a physical body.

If we are telling you this, it is also to re-establish a certain truth. We give to humans based on what they are and based on what they can understand. We repeat that what we are offering you today could no longer be valid tomorrow, because if you have evolved enough, this would serve nothing.

We are going to take the example of grade school and college. In grade school, you learn certain things. The more you evolve the more you understand. However, a world separates grade school from college. At the level of the conscience, this can be easily understood.

We repeat: the soul can in no way be destroyed by a human! A soul can be restructured but not destroyed! A soul can in no way suffer from anything! Only the human personality, the human ego and human emotions can suffer.

A human being can suffer from a strong affective problem (some say that their soul suffers!). It is not the soul that suffers, it is the human personality, it is the human ego, it is all that corresponds to the sentiments and to human emotions.

The soul has nothing to do with all of that! The soul is above suffering! It is not the soul either that suffers from any destruction of the body. It is always the human personality, human emotions, human sentiments and in the end the ego that suffers.

When they have left their material body, a great part of the numerous beings who come into this world of the third dimension to experiment matter go through a tunnel and rediscover other worlds of Light. They go to worlds that correspond to what they may have been able to acquire from life to life, depending on what they have been able to understand and on their evolution.

We would like it if you would elevate a little more your consciousness towards the superior parts of your being and that you not feel guilty for a suffering that, sometimes, nourishes you, a suffering that, in your consciousness, can belong to another life.

We are simply saying this:

If you succeed in liberating yourself totally from all suffering, all the emotions that you have experienced since birth up until your departure from planet Earth, if you succeed in getting rid of this, you will have truly accomplished a good and even a beautiful spiritual work!

So, never accuse a former life or a difficult relationship! Accuse no one or anything! Once again, you are your own master!”

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