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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Where does thought come from?
The soul does not suffer!
The appearances
Be happy!
The suffering of Jesus
The conflicts
Birth and evolution of souls
Families of souls and mother souls
Human laws
Ask for help for the government leaders
The Perfect Ones
The Universe
It matters little who will be what!
Dialog with a master tree
Message from the little people
An invisible but real aid
A temple of Love
Dimensions are levels of consciousness
We will manifest ourselves!
What is Liberty?
The de-pollution of the Earth
Discernment in relation to messages
Another life during sleep
Pope Francis
Warning from the dolphins
Exercises and methods
The dangers of astral voyages
Mars, the Moon and Venus
An important and successful test  (30 April 2016)
Human DNA and DNA of the soul
The law of action-reaction
Lourdes and sacred places
The vibratory frequency of our house
Don't play with fire!
Disturbing entities from the astral
Chemical trails
The law of attraction
Assistance from Terrestrials within the Earth
The Brain of the Heart
Believing that one believes in nothing
The substance of the non-created
The chakras will be different after the transition
The consciousness of the Earth
Destabilizing sounds and lights
Spiritual groups and schools of Wisdom
Time Travelers
Nelson Mandela
The Flower of Life
World meditation of November 30, 2013
Role of the region of Bugarach
The Peak of Bugarach and Rennes-le-Chateau
Sister souls, universal souls and twin souls
Time does not exist
Coincidences do not exist!
A Gift Offered to All Souls
The Real Shamans
DNA Spirals
The mineral kingdom is also energy!
Be Very Vigilant!
The New Children
The Work Accomplished on November 21st
World Meditation on December 12, 13 and 14, 2012
Three New Worldwide Meditations
Guidance for November 21, 2012 Meditation
Outcomes from November 21, 2012 Meditation
Darkness Has Lost the Battle
Important Meditation for November 21, 2012
Important Information for November 21, 2012
The Diverse Kingdoms in the New World  (21 June 2012)
The Passage through the Tunnel (follow-up)  (14 June 2012)
The Passage through the Tunnel  (31 May 2012)
The Dimensions
Wandering in the Wilderness
What is a Waiting Sphere?
Fear of Not Being Ready
Be Vigilant
Mother Soul and Multidimensional Selves
The Watchmen  (13 January 2012)
Avoid Soliciting People who Have Left the Earth Plane
Love Exists Even In Darkness  (18 November 2011)
Role of the Beings of Light
The Moon
The Photon Belt
Divine Mother
The Reactivation of Certain Locations  (12 May 2011)
Negative Entities and Cohabitation
There Is Little Time Left to Work
Should We Beware of When We See Beings from Other Planets?
The Three Phases of Evolution
The Spiritual Path
Some Crystal Skulls Are Out of Reach of Man  (12 November 2010)
Messages from the Dead
La vie en cinquième dimension  (11 March 2011)
All Nonsense Said About 2012
Christmas  (10 December 2010)
Man of Light
Wake Up!
Everything Will Come in Its Time
The Elements
Kundalini Rising
Master Saint Germain
Paradise on Earth
The Great Facilitators of Civilizations
The Divine Self
The Merkabah or Body of Light
Energies during the Month of September 2010
The Knowledge
The Year of 2010
Remote Healing
Parallel Dimensions
Fears about 2012
Regeneration Prayer
Prayer, Care and Reharmonization
Crop Circles and Celestial Movements
Role of the Crystal Skulls
The Crystal Skulls
The Choice of Incarnation
The Dolphin People
People of the Sea
Role of Woman
Infusion of Energies of Transformation
Respecting the Sea
The Merkabah
Former Messages are as Important as Latter Ones
End of an Inter Cycle  (27 May 2009)
The World Needs the Children of Light
Obama’s Mission
I Am a Thought of God
Role of the Child
Future Cradle of Humanity
Genetic Manipulations and Food
Feeling Different and Misunderstood by our Loved Ones
The Cycle of Difficult Experiments is Ending
The Origin of Thought
Using Vigilance Regarding Some Information
Important Times During 2009  (29 May 2009)
The Great Harvest
Energy of the Kundalini
Barack Obama
Various Consciousnesses
The World Is Moving
The Teaching of the Master Saint Germain
The True Master Saint Germain
The True Masters
Organ Donations
How Monique Became a Channel
Psychic Pollution
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