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Families of souls and mother souls

For a better comprehension and to avoid any confusion – because certain concepts are sometimes difficult to understand – we will clarify ourselves in relation to families of souls and mother souls.

Families of souls are energies that travel together from life to life, from world to world, from experience to experience. These families of souls reunite by affinity and the desire to evolve in the same direction.

Generally, they evolve in the same direction, in the same energy, and go back up towards the Source.

The mother soul is unique to each being. Everyone possesses his own mother soul. To better learn and to evolve, this mother soul “gives birth” to multiple parts of herself, that can be compared to little soul spheres spread over different vibratory levels, the twelfth level being that of matter and the first, the most elevated, being that of the Divine Part.

An infinite number of lives, and therefore of experiences, will enrich and make the mother soul grow.

When a mother soul, over the course of millions of incarnations or experiences on multiple levels of consciousness, will have learned and understood what she must learn and understand, all of the little parts of her will merge into each other into one and she will rejoin the Source to which she will bring the fruit of all these experiences.

It is possible to find more ample details in the book “Birth and the journey of the soul” dictated by the Beings of Light to Monique Mathieu.

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