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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Ask for help for the government leaders

“We would like to tell you this because it is important:

In relation to what is happening in France as well as in other countries (but for the moment it is France that interests you) we advise you to meditate for a few minutes.

You are poor judges so just simply ask the Source or the Great Beings of Light to help all those who are presenting themselves to lead a country in order that they do it most in fraternity, in the respect of the other, in the respect of those they are responsible for guiding, for the good of the multitude and not for their own wellbeing.

Do not ask the Source to help one person or another to become president of your country. Ask, with all the Love that is in you, that the person be guided, protected from certain vibrations that, instead of helping the leaders, manipulate them to the detriment of the people.

If you make this request with Love and sincerity, if you do not declare your preference, your request will be heard. If you ask: “make it so that this or that one becomes president because I think he will be a good president” your request will absolutely not be granted.

You, humans, you cannot know what is best for France or for the world! You do not even know what is best for you! Therefore, in your prayers, ask the Source, with Love and recognition to help the beings who will be appointed to govern their country.

Therefore, once, twice or three times and it only takes a little time, ask God, the Universe and the Great Hierarchies of Light, Jesus or all those with whom you have the greatest affinity, that these beings be guided and helped so that their mission can be accomplished correctly for the greatest good of your people.

You can also do this for all the government leaders so that your Earth can finally find peace.

Peace is not acquired by saying: I want peace! Peace can only be acquired when human beings begin to create it within themselves! This is what is important! Do not ask for peace, understand what it can represent and try to live it within you first!”


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