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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Where does thought come from?

“Where does thought come from? What is thought?

Thought takes its source in the super conscience, in the higher parts of yourself. Thought is creative because it emanates from the super conscience that is also spiritual and divine.

It is this super conscience that starts the process of transformation or healing: it is often in this sense that we speak to you about the power of thought.

Thoughts emitted from the super conscience descend into the spiritual conscience and then into human conscience. In its descent, the power of the thought can weaken. If you are not at a certain vibratory level, the thought, in its descent to the human conscience, can weaken and be disturbed by doubts emanating from the personality.

We repeat this (which has immense importance): from the moment that you are aware that your thought belongs to your super conscience – to your spiritual and divine conscience, the conscience of the highest part of your being – it is necessary that all the levels that bring you to the human personality be crossed without the least interference.

What creates these interferences? It is of course the ego and doubt! If a doubt, even an infinitely small one, appears, the thought remains blocked at a certain level and stagnates there. Unable to accede to the human personality, it cannot then act upon it.

Therefore, for thought and the body to be really in sync and for the super conscience and the human conscience to be able to also really be in sync, you must do the maximum to avoid the least doubt about your possibilities, about what you are and about your belonging beyond your person and of your human personality.

This is not easy for you because you always refer to the human. Your vibratory frequency is perhaps not yet sufficiently elevated to allow you to go beyond your human personality. Therefore, you cannot yet completely make the power of the thought descend that is emitted by the super conscience towards the two other levels that are a little less elevated than the spiritual conscience and the human conscience. This is learned, notably by confidence and faith.

We will open a little parenthesis concerning religious faith. Why do some absolutely extraordinary miracles sometimes take place? Are they the result of thought that is simply acting upon the body? They are simply due to the total absence of barriers between the conscience of the body and the emanation from the super conscience or the divine conscience. There is fluidity because there is faith and because there is total confidence.

If you went to Lourdes, you could have this total confidence if you are certain that the Virgin Mary could help you. You could also accede to this total confidence if you are totally in faith, whether it is religious or not. It means having faith, and therefore to simply have confidence.

You who are the children of tomorrow (no matter what your age, you are the children of tomorrow), learn what you are, discover who you are without having recourse to any support, learn that beyond your human personality dwells an extraordinary power; all you have to do is allow it to flow from the two other levels towards the realization of your desires, the realization of your transformation by the power of your thought. You therefore remove all of the barriers and some miracles will take place!”

They are also telling me this:

“In India, the gurus are capable of creating some absolutely extraordinary things by the force of their thought. Thanks to their faith and their practices, they have succeeded in leaving the passage free between the super conscience and the two other levels, until the power of their thought acts upon matter. It is a sort of faith, of confidence and also apprenticeship, because not everything is done as if by a magic wand; it requires perseverance!

In addition, if your mind is encumbered constantly by parasitical thoughts (we are not speaking about inferior thoughts), it is very difficult for the super conscience to delegate its power and its force to the spiritual conscience and to the human conscience. All the thoughts that you create can be parasitical thoughts that do nothing but disturb you.

It is a good thing that you try to empty your mind to empty the great room where you stock all the thoughts that are constantly born in you. You must therefore learn to be silent, to empty that immense room where all the thoughts unite. You must rid yourself of all the thoughts that you have created; they unite but do not remain in that great room because they are going to associate themselves with similar thoughts to form egregores.

This is how you must understand the functioning of the mind, the functioning of humans. There are still many barriers that you place upon yourself. However, little by little, the new world that you do not see will help you to transform yourself.”

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