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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Course in Wisdom
Lesson N° 3

"Your body speaks to you. Your body is not something inert or mobile depending on the way you think about it (inert in its fundamental being, mobile when you make it work): it also possesses a degree of consciousness (since it is material). It does not have the same consciousness as your soul, but it has its own consciousness, the consciousness of the matter which animates it.

"Therefore this body itself also needs to enter into contact with the Divine within you, it needs this energy to work: it needs to be recognised as the vehicle of the divine part of you.

"There are several reasons for the suffering of the body.

"To make itself recognised, it sometimes generates a certain suffering. This is also a cry for help, a cry which says ‘I exist, love me, look at me, be aware that I need all from you that is the most profound, from this immense power, from this inner fire, from this divine light: I need all my cells to be constantly fed by this divine fire, by this presence. Thus sometimes, to remind your soul that I am there, I cause you pain and suffering'.

"The second reason is the inverse of the first:

"The soul suffers and manifests its suffering through the body, as if in a cry for help, an alarm signal.

"Several things come into play, but there exists a sole remedy. Whether it is for one reason or another, the only cure is Love, the Love which you will send to the part of yourselves which is making you suffer. How, then, should this love be sent?

"Visualise the part of your body which is causing you to suffer. Then visualise all of the cells forming the part of your body at the origin of this suffering, and send them love as a help to reinforce them in their work.

"This energy that you have to bring to them is an energy of Light and Love. You can first of all take the white light, visualise in the places which are making you suffer a multitude of cells illuminated by this white light, and remain a few moments in the consciousness that all the cells in the painful part are regenerated, are strengthened in their work by the white light.

"Then, visualise all the cells of the painful part and project the golden light onto them, the light of Universal Love, the light of complete regeneration.

"This is very easy to do, but the only hindrance, which is, however, an enormous one, is your own doubt. If you can manage to completely overcome your doubts, you will be able, little by little, to regenerate your whole body: you will be able to talk to it: you will be able to ask it which message it is sending you- and you will even have the response coming from your body.

"You have never spoken to your body, and yet it speaks to you all the time through the aches and pains which it generates. It needs your love to a considerable extent; this is an energy which is necessary to it, and you often mistreat and ignore it, even to the extent of not loving it all, and it is so unhappy to feel completely ignored, unloved, inexistent. Certainly it serves you, but automatically, without your being conscious of it. Be aware of the utility of your body, and of the treasure which it really is for you. All of the matter which creates your body is a living entity, all the matter which creates your body is conscious, although evidently its consciousness is not the same as that of your soul or of your subtle bodies. Your body has a consciousness.

"Learn simply, when you get up in the morning, to say ‘hello' to your body, to say ‘I thank you for all that you allow me to do all through the day, for all that you allow me to achieve, to see, to feel, to touch, to taste' and it will be happy. If you consider your body in this way, you will achieve amazing results. The first result will be that you will very easily be able to get rid of the aches and pains, the benign illnesses, and even those of a much more serious nature. You will be able to heal yourself by giving back the Light and the Divine Love to all of your cells, but, more extraordinary than this, you will be able, in this way, to permanently integrate the Universal Love with the Love which comes from your own divine nature.

"This will allow you to resist much more easily all the storms, the pressures, the tensions and the transformations which your physical body and, above all, your subtle bodies live through at the moment.

"The fatigue which you feel comes essentially from the profound transformations which you are undergoing. We would like to tell you that you are in the photon belt which has a considerable influence on all of your metabolism and, above all, on your subtle bodies. All of humanity is living this transformation in order to adapt to the fourth dimension, for there has to be adaptation of the physical body as well as of the subtle bodies.

"Some of you have already undergone great transformations since some years ago through all the problems that you have been able to live with, and equally through all the sicknesses that your physical body has been able to inflict on you. You have to know that these transformations occur in stages, otherwise you would find them so onerous that you would be unable to stand up to them: then there will be a period of rest.

"These stages of transformation do not necessarily take place for everybody at the same time, they occur rather according to the transformation that each person has already accomplished. They also occur according to the principle of the letting go and the acceptance of all that presents itself to you. Having said this, if certain amongst you, at the moment, do not live through these difficult transformations with considerable bouts of tiredness, it does not mean that you will not be submitted to them. We simply hope, for their sake, that they will be sufficiently in tune, sufficiently purified, that these most important transformations do not upset them, or else that they are only slightly disturbed. Everything is accelerating, be it world events or be it your own transformation.

"To manage to pass these tumultuous times, always send a lot of Love to your physical body, such that it is resistant to them. Imagine that your physical body is a house, that you are inside, and that, outside it is shaken by high winds, which shake it so much that you sometimes get the impression that it is going to collapse on top of you. Then you can strengthen this house, you can barricade the doors and windows such that it is no longer in the grip of the wind, that there is no buffeting from the storms outside.

"It is exactly the same for you; do not let yourself be reached by the tumult outside: be serene in your own house and strengthen all the weak points, so that the torment outside cannot penetrate, and that neither are you significantly destabilised.

"Always be aware that you live in a body, but that you are not this body. You should honour and love your body. Your body is a precious instrument of experience, but you are not your body, you are a luminous soul, a soul of Love and of beauty. Try to make your being shine out to the exterior of your body.

"When you work on your body, you will also be able to carry out this same work on your subtle bodies, that is to say, to send them the Divine Light and the Light of the Divine within you, to permanently cleanse them of all that they can take in which does not belong to them."

Integrate is, however, not really the right word. It is presented to me as a cleansing.

"Your subtle bodies are often covered with dust arising from all that is around you, and by projecting this Divine Light and this Love towards them, you will dust them off”.

"The important key is the absence of doubt as to your capacity of acting upon your vehicle, as to your capacity for action all that you are in its entirety.

"It is not your body which will carry out this work, it is the Divine in you which will accomplish all the transformations, all that you ask of it. Your body is the instrument, but the Divine in you, Itself, has all of the capabilities and possibilities.

"Call upon It, and it will be with immense joy that it responds to you. We would like to emphasise this.

"Everything, absolutely everything, can be healed, all suffering, all sickness (the word ‘sickness' is by the way, disagreeable to us, but we will use it) can be totally eradicated simply by the complete certainty that the Divine in you can work miracles.

"It is necessary for you to know that microbes can do nothing against the Divine in you, for, at that moment your vibrational frequency is so intense, so elevated, that they cannot attack your body. The more you lower your vibrational frequency, the more you become susceptible to attacks from all sides."
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