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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Course in Wisdom
Lesson N° 10
“We are going to try to teach you how to better know, manage, overcome and transform your fears. We will show you how to better manage these fears through a short story.

Primary fears are essentially generated by your mind. Let us suppose that your mind is cut into two parts; one part generates all that is light, positive and trusty; the other part generates worries, whatever they are, and all sort of fears. Each one of these two parts wants to dominate the other.

The goal of this incarnation, the goal of the work you started and you are still accomplishing, is to overlight as much as possible the part of your mind that generates these fears we shall qualify as wild and self-destructive. These fears have a tremendous effect on your physical body, they may produce hormones that totally paralyze and even destroy it.

Some of these hormones have been discovered by man and are called adrenaline. These hormones generate irrational fears. The word ‘hormone' is actually not quite right, since what we have here is well beyond any analysis that your level of evolution would allow you to do.

We shall narrate the story of a young girl who lives in a small village. This young girl has everything to be happy, including a wonderful family who understands and supports her. She is smart but she is very fragile and devastated by fears. Her life is filled with illusory fears, fears she constantly creates and that she cannot overcome and thus are handicapping deeply her life.

Her parents, feeling desperate at not being able to comfort their daughter, tell her:

‘Go to meet the holy man, the sage who lives in the village, he will help you, we are sure about that.'

The young girl doesn't want to go because she is afraid she may not express herself well enough and may say silly things. Nevertheless her parents who are filled with Love for her reassure her a little and tell her:

‘The holy man won't judge you, he will accept you as you are and will help you overcome your fears.'

Therefore the young girl goes to the holy man who lives at the other end of the village. She enters a luminous house, totally white, and she sees an older man sitting at a table, shining with Light and Love. He tells her:

‘Come and sit beside me.'

The young girl, shy and still completely filled with her fears, sits beside the holy man. She trusts him and she feels comforted. Her fears have miraculously vanished as if she had dropped them at the door. She feels absolutely free, light, happy and serene. She tells the holy man: ‘It is extraordinary; I have never experienced such a state of plenitude. How can this be? I wish I could remain in this state of plenitude. Holy man, please help me. How can I completely get rid of this burden, of all these fears, of all these obstacles?'

Thus the holy man tells her:

‘My child, understand that you are creating these fears yourself. They are thought-forms with a reality. Since your early childhood, you have been creating over and over again the fears that you take along with you. They are so close to you that you nourish them. They want you to acknowledge them, but of course in the wrong way. They wish to be constantly active.

Thus let us play a little game together. First of all invite all your fears to this table, start talking to each one of them, serve them a meal, ask them why they are harassing you, why they are tormenting you, why they are preventing you from being happy. At the beginning they will not answer you; they will even laugh at your questions. They don't want to die, you gave them birth. Little by little the dialogue between you and them will take place, you will recognize them more and more and you will understand the origin of these fears and how you have created them.

This first lesson is sufficient, go home and come back tomorrow.'

The young girl leaves and the moment she steps out of the house all her fears return, assault her, bite her, torture her and she feels very sad again. Nevertheless, since the holy man told her to come back tomorrow, she tells herself: tomorrow it will be better, he will help me.

Meanwhile she feels a little lighter, more reassured, she has a good night sleep and she is very impatient to meet the holy man the next day. This day comes and full of excitement she goes to meet him. The same miracle occurs. As soon as she steps in, all her fears vanish. So she simply asks the following question to the holy man:

‘Why, holy man, do all my fears disappear when I enter your house?'

He replies:

‘There is no room for fears here, there is only room for self-confidence, for peace, Love and joy, and even if you invite your fears in my home they won't harm you. You'll just look at them.

Now you are going to invite your fears again and become aware that you actually don't fear them. Talk to each one of them and understand how you have created them. You will understand that no fear can reach you unless you wish so.

Take one fear after another, play with it, and ridicule it. It will be so upset it cannot destabilize you anymore that it will quit, it will go and leave you; it will not have anything to take from you since you are no longer allowing it to take anything from your life.'

Thus the holy man and the young girl begin looking at every fear one after another. She chats with one of them, then with another, plays with them and laughs at them. She says:

‘My God! How could I have been so scared of something that doesn't really exist?'

Then slowly she begins thinking:

‘Now I think I won't be afraid anymore.'

The holy man tells her:

‘Go home and come back tomorrow.'

The young girl returns home and after a few steps some of her fears resurface. She tells herself:

‘I was playing with them when I was with the holy man. I didn't have any fear, why are they returning? There are fewer of them, still why do they keep coming back after I sent them away?'

Much freer than on the first day, she returns home and sleeps peacefully, still very impatient to meet the holy man again.

The third day arrives. She knocks at the holy man's door; she enters and meets him again. He has a wonderful smile and he says:

‘Now I can say that you are cured; you may invite your fears to your table as often as you wish, you may play with them but they won't have any power over you because together we will go to their roots, to their origin and as in a game, we will abduct them, bring them in full light and overlight them with Divine Light; I shall teach you how to love yourself and how to love your fears too, for this is essential. If you love your fears, they will disappear. If you are afraid that they harass you and you give them energy to constantly exist, you will never get rid of them. If you love them, if you acknowledge them, talk gently to them while they are still present and until they leave you for good, then they will lose their grip on you.

You must love anything emanating from you, whether it belongs to the dark or the Light. Love is the only key. You see, in this house I cultivate Love, I water with Love every morning the garden I created around me; therefore in this garden of Love there is only room for flowers of Love, for Love in all its forms, and fears cannot enter. This is why when you entered this site your fears were left behind the door. Learn how to love everything you are, learn how to love the dark side of your being so that it is dissolved in Universal Love.'

The holy man adds the following:

‘Now you may leave, come back to see me again much later, just to see how things are going. Leave in peace but above all get the support of Love. You have learned how to chat with your fears, how to recognize them, how not to fear them, so now learn how to love them and since the dark is always absorbed by the Light, your fears will be dissolved.'

The young girl leaves, totally comforted. Full of self-confidence, she leaves the house, she has some apprehension but immediately she calms down and her doubt vanishes. She feels light, transformed, self-confident and feels within her a Love she was not even aware of before. She goes away singing and telling herself that if a new fear showed up she would talk to it and would ask:

‘What do you want from me? What do you expect from me? If you want to disturb me or trouble me, you are mistaken because I love you as you are. Thus, if you accept my Love, be my companion and transform yourself into courage, self-confidence and strength.'

The young girl didn't need the holy man anymore; she had become totally self-confident; she had understood that all her fears, whatever they were, wherever they came from (i.e. from this life time or previous ones) would no longer harm her and would no longer have power over her since she loved them.

You can transform all the dark energies within you into Light. It may be difficult for you to understand you have to love what you call ‘fears' but this is the only way to dissolve them and to get rid of them, to transform them into strength and self-confidence.

We don't ask you to invite all your fears to your table at once. Invite them one after the other; this will be easier to manage since you won't have the holy man at your table. Invite them, talk to them aloud or whisper, try to understand them, try to love them and do not fear them anymore. Do not fear your fears.

There are also salutary fears but at this time you are not concerned about them. The great fears you generate to save your own life, the fears you feel in a dramatic situation are not frequent. You may also love this type of fears in order to keep your cool so that you better manage difficult situations.

Fear paralyzes you; it sweeps away your capability for analysis and judgment. Though you sometimes tell yourself ‘I am trying to understand, I am analyzing quite well', you are actually analyzing just one part of the fear.

You have to understand also that at this time you are and will be facing fears more and more, but fears that hadn't shown up before in the way you are experiencing them right now.

Imagine that you are a crystal with one thousand faces; imagine yourself polishing one face at a time. It is a huge task, a precise work, a work of goldsmith requiring much patience and Love. The moment you have polished, transformed, purified one face, more faces are there to polish and transform. Before you may reach perfection, it requires a huge amount of work and great consistency.

Thus, each one of you is, at this time, polishing and perfecting its crystal. Fears within you will keep coming back over and over again but you will learn how to manage them, how to understand them well.

We would like to ask you (and we hope this short story was helpful) to try not to intellectualize this too much for the more you intellectualize your fears, the more you give them strength. One of course must try to understand but also must let go.

Never crystallize on a situation because you then give power to the dark side of your being.

We call it ‘dark side' as opposed to ‘Light side', since these two sides are necessary at this time to experiment life and to constantly overcome your different behaviors. The moment you understand and stop judging, things become much smoother, much easier.”

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