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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Course in Wisdom
Lesson N° 13

“Even though every human being has programmed his own life in this world, he will certainly make mistakes. Sometimes, depending on who he is and on his desires, he quits the right path to engage into parallel paths, but deep inside, his soul inspires him to return to the right path. Sometimes, on these parallel paths, the incarnated soul will actually act, think or behave in disharmony with the soul and the real being. Sometimes, a being will be overwhelmed by his environment, his desires and his illusions, and also by the very powerful energy of the ego.

Along the way, error after error will occur. Initially, the being on the path is not necessarily aware of making a mistake, then gradually, when he becomes aware of what he generated for himself and others, he develops a very powerful, very deep sense of guilt. This sense of guilt will grow deeper day after day, and nothing and no one can eradicate it, if he has not first done it for himself.

It is necessary to develop growing awareness toannihilate this sense of guilt. This will sometimes occur because of significant worldly issues or actual health concerns. They are in fact warning signals informing the personality that it must change its behavior and especially regain its true value.

No one loses its real value, it has simply been forgotten. Along the road leading to the Father, many not only forget what they are deep within, but they also mainly forget they must have total Love for themselves.

Let's go back to guilt. In the past you would say: ‘so and so has soothed his consciousness'. Try to think of the meaning of ‘soothing one's consciousness'. You can only soothe it by becoming aware that you have gone on the wrong path and made mistakes, and especially by not feeling guilty for these mistakes.

Every human being on this world makes a multitude of mistakes. It is no big deal in itself. What is serious is to crystallize on these mistakes, to keep feeding them, because they will then spoil one's life, and cause one to hate oneself.

Human beings should be practicing the opposite, i.e. projecting a lot of Love on these mistakes, and say:

I made mistakes, but I made them according to the level of awareness that was mine then. I am now on a different consciousness level, I am changing my behavior, and I am illuminating all the dark parts that are still within me. I totally forgive myself for all the mistakes that I have made during this existence, because a number of them were programmed. I did not have the ability to overcome this programming. Now that I understand why I acted this way, I understand that it was difficult to do otherwise because it was part of my life programming; I forgive myself totally for going astray, I forgive myself for mymistakes, I forgive myself for all the Love I deprived myself and those I love. I now leave it entirely to the Divine Energy who will transform and brighten my life.'

It is much easier than you think to forgive yourself for suffering you may have caused to others and to forgive others for suffering they may have caused to you. In one existence, it is not easy to live without ever causing more or less suffering to those you love. When you understand that, your feeling of responsibility decreases.

During his time on Earth, a human being will come across several levels of consciousness. These different levels of consciousness should allow him to totally annihilate all mistakes, all misunderstandings. Unfortunately, man functions this way: he is always punishing himself for his actions. This is a very bad solution. The best solution is to illuminate, with your consciousness, what was not accomplished in harmony with your soul, to project much Love on all actions that do not correspond to your wishes for this existence and to totally eliminate guilt towards any past action and any word that was said.

Often, man believes that he is ‘worse' than he actually is; he gives energy to this thought and becomes convinced. He gets trapped in this totally wrong idea of himself.

Whatever mistakes you may have made whether in speech, thoughts or actions, liberate yourself totally of any responsibility and become free, free to continue with a much lighter, more harmonious life. All that you have experienced has been lived; therefore learn to better experience the remaining moments of this incarnation. Learn to completely break free from a heavy past. It doesn't belong to you any more; it has taken place, whatever you may have done, said, or thought.

In all eternity, the only energy you must strive for with all your strength is Love Energy, the energy that will transform any suffering, and cure any sickness. This well-directed energy, within you and around you, can make miracles. Learn to love yourself. We have repeated it a thousand times, ten thousand times, a hundred thousand times.

LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF; THIS IS ONE OF THE ESSENTIAL KEYS OF YOUR EXISTENCE. Until you have fully integrated and understood the value and the power of what we are telling you, you will stumble, you will suffer, you will become sick, and you will rebel.

When you have self-esteem, you can forgive all your mistakes. When you have self-esteem, you love all others and you forgive those who have caused you suffering. You free yourself from the chains that have hindered you.

You do not always understand that guilt and non-forgiveness feelings are destroying your vehicle, your otherwise so perfect body. You are feeding it with energy that it has no need for and that destroys it. Go back and feed it with energy that will keep regenerating it. If you are aware of this, apply it daily to your life.

Note that many of your ailments come from non-acceptance of who you are or of those surrounding you. We have already said that illness often reflects discomfort in your being and in your life, a lack of Love for oneself and for life.

We would like to make you understand just how important life is, just how important your role in this world is, and that you have no right to go astray, to destroy yourself. A person who goes astray, who destroys oneself, attracts, through the law of resonance, other weak people that can follow in its wake. On the other hand, a person who thanks and honors life continuously, who radiates Light and Divine Love, will attract a lot of beings with the same state of mind, the same affinities, and this will create an anchor for Love and Light, and will significantly radiate.

Each day will propel you towards new horizons. Each day will take you towards new understanding. Keep your heart open to understand what the planet, every being and every life on this world are all equally receiving.

New energies will be transmitted. You must integrate them as they allow you to awaken every day more and more to a new consciousness. They will allow you as well to access the other parts of yourself. If you are in a state of rebellion and are worried, these energies will enter you but you will not recognize them. They will therefore be less useful for your awakening. Indeed you will awaken, but with some delay.”

They are showing me our planet. At the moment, it is completely disturbed by some energy. There are tornadoes and also very soft and penetrating winds. Many things are being put into place. They tell me:

“You can greatly help put things into place. Of course, the great beings incarnated here and those of the fourth dimension are very active on this world, but youmust help them significantly since you are experiencing and will experience furthermore the unleashing of some forces, of certain energies that cannot accept being absorbed by the Light.

I see violent colors. They seem like the egregore of certain human and non-human groups. I also hear very aggressive destabilizing sounds that correspond to the colors emanating from these groups. On the other hand, I also see a perfect harmony of colors and sounds. I think what I was seeing were the furious shouts of certain entities, of certain groups that refuse to be absorbed and transformed. They want to keep their power and autonomy, and they know they will no longer enjoy it on this world. Therefore, they fight so they can enjoy it to the end.

On the physical plane, do not be surprised if you gain weight right now. It is totally normal because you are integrating very powerful energies that are nourishing your physical body. You also need food, as it is the ‘fuel' for your vehicle. This will eventually become stable. Do not be worried. What is important is not the weight you may have, but the way you feel in your body, in your vehicle.

If you experience deep joy, if you are strong and glowing, your weight is not important. In any case, in the more or less distant future, you will be resized, i.e. your body will reharmonize and will become perfect. We are not telling you how, but we are telling you that it is possible.

Even you, humans, can reharmonize, resize your body. You do not know how to use the gigantic force within you. For now, it is better this way.

Through new energies that you integrate more and more, you will feel much transformation in your physical body and in your conception of yourself and of life. All of a sudden, all will seem lighter, much simpler, but only if you have let go of certain burdens, of certain chains.

What you will experience on an individual basis, all your human brothers and your Mother the Earth will also experience it. Some accept it with joy, others refuse it with terror; that creates enormous inner conflicts which end up with the death of the physical body or with manifested violence, an outer conflict which is expressed through much suffering and misunderstanding.”


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