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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Radiate Light and Love!

“We are going to take another look at some passages of teachings that we have offered you.

If we wish to take a little detour into the past it is because human beings forget with disconcerting ease what we teach them! All is registered at the level of their unconscious but on their shoulders is the weight of the third dimension and great difficulty letting go completely of what they have experienced.

We are going to try to emphasize what is necessary right now so that you can review and perhaps ask yourselves the right questions.

You speak about forgiveness. Humans sometimes have the capacity to hide one's face because they do not wish to see or hear; they especially do not want to see what they are, they especially do not wish to see what may be on their path tomorrow or the day after.

Of course, they must live in the instant or the present moment and live it intensely! They must also have the capacity to prepare for the next evolutionary stage of their life.

If we wish to make a little detour into the past in relation to the teachings it is because human beings are experiencing some energies that are disturbing them, that are tiring them and that sometimes give them the impression that they are no longer advancing.

It is obvious that when their material body is moved and disturbed by an important influx of energies, they do not always have the capacity to integrate everything. This is what generates fatigue, doubts, and self-questioning; this can also generate some feelings of guilt because they have the impression of not being able to advance on their path; this can also make them sad.

This year is a year where, spiritually, many things are going to happen within and upon human beings who have sufficiently opened their door and this especially concerns those who have sufficiently cleared the terrain.

We are not going to tell you again to let go, to empty the baggage that is on your back; we are not going to tell you again to pardon or to pardon yourself; we are not going to go back over all the subjects that we have taught you many times at other moments! We simply wish to tell you that the spiritual path can seem difficult to you but in fact it is very easy because the true spiritual path is the path of Love and of Light! If you have not begun to understand that you cannot evolve if you are not in the Love Light vibration, you will turn in circles and you will run into all the walls that surround you.

It is primordial to integrate more and more the vibratory frequencies of Love! They are gigantic! You cannot recognize them because you do not have the possibility of measuring them; you have no parameter that can tell you: “this Love vibration is a little stronger than the one I experienced yesterday.” It is in a lapse of time more or less long, depending on what it is, that each person could recognize that he is advancing in the study, in feeling and in offering Love.

Why the study? Because human beings are often in the illusion of Love! They have the impression that they give Love and that suits them! To give Love, is simple and complicated at the same time!

For you to really be in the giving of Love; you must imperatively love yourselves and you must have imperatively cleansed the terrain, which is to say to have freed yourself from your chains!

We will speak to you often about Love because Love is the key to evolution! You forget this too often! If you were really in the consciousness of Love, you would never even pose yourself any questions about forgiving or guilt! You would never have to ask yourself if you are in fear or in a lack of confidence!

It is obvious that, in the current of life, there can be moments where you lack confidence in yourself. This is not reprehensible as long as you recognize what you are, that you recognize you shortcomings (which are not shortcomings); this will allow you to advance.

Why is it so important to understand what Love really is outside of sentiments? This Love outside of sentiments elevates your human consciousness well beyond, elevates also the vibratory frequency of your energy bodies and your physical body. The Love Vibration allows you to attain levels of consciousness that are still veiled and this year, you will be given the capacity to discover several facets of Love.

If we speak again and again about Love, it is because it is extremely important for you! You must understand what the word “Love” signifies and beyond the human sentiment, beyond the Love that connects you one to each other, we hope to elevate you. It is for this reason that we ask you more and more to elevate your vibratory frequency.

If you remain in an inferior vibratory frequency, you can do all that you want but you will not set in motion the process that will allow you to perceive Universal Love! It is of immense importance because you are practically on the doorstep of the immense transformation that will transform what you are and also life on your very small planet.

Love is an inexhaustible subject! As soon as you have the impression of knowing a little of what Love is, another of its facets presents itself to you. We hope for all of you that you can liberate yourselves from your constraints; that you can accede to what is most beautiful in you; that you can also accede to this Love Vibration that envelops all, that is found everywhere, in you and in all life!

To recognize the Love Vibration is not always easy for you human beings because you close yourself to what you do not know; you hang on to your sentiments, whereas the Love Vibration is beyond sentiments. But to attain this Love Vibration, human beings must often pass by sentiment, even sometimes intense ones. It is a trampoline!

What else could we tell you on the subject of Love that you could integrate, understand and develop? To love at the human level, but above all to love others and (we will say this again a thousand times if it is necessary), to love yourself! Love yourself as you are! The exterior aspect has no importance because all is evolving! When you have a resplendent soul, your exterior aspect does not count anymore because you radiate what you integrate, sometimes even unconsciously.

Radiate the Light, radiate Love and you will no longer pose yourself any questions! "


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