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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

What are you expecting from us?

“For over thirty years we have sometimes been obliged to repeat the same things, even if we say it a little differently because the more you evolve the more we can teach you some things. Thirty years can seem long to those who are awaiting much more the marvelous than doing profound work on themselves.

What can we offer you if it is not in fact to allow you to remove the veils, to grow in Love, to grow at the level of awakening, at the level of wisdom and at the level of knowledge?

Some beings that have traveled the path with us for some time now get tired because they seek transformations on the outside, they seek events, and they would like the world to shift suddenly into something marvelous, just as they wish for themselves to shift suddenly into another marvelous consciousness where all difficulties will fly away as if by miracle!

Evolution does not happen that way! Evolution takes place step by step, day after day, work after work. It is the alchemy of the soul, the alchemy of the work that the human being must do on himself.

Most often, if a person is no longer interested in what we teach it is because, momentarily, he does not have the capacity to go further and must rest, unless this lack of interest comes from lassitude and also often due to existential problems that he does not succeed in resolving and that he would like for us to solve in his place.

Each person has many experiences to manage well and must also cleanse deeply all that is not yet in the Light; if a person focuses too much on his existential problems he can no longer advance on the path! He must transcend and transform all by Love, Light and the knowledge of what he is and of his inner powers.

We use the word “power” even if we do not like to pronounce this word but in the sense that we are saying it, it is to speak of the immense possibilities that your spirit, your thought and your inner powers give you. In that case the word is well used.

We would like to ask you: What are you expecting from the teachings and what are you expecting from us?

The response could be: “We are expecting everything!” And if we add: “but what are you expecting from yourself?” the response could be: “not much because I don't know where I am in the process!”

We would therefore say this: we can offer you treasures but if you have not sufficiently cleansed the place, that is to say your mind and your heart, and if your consciousness is too encumbered by futilities and a dispersion on the paths that should no longer be yours, you will not receive in totality what we offer you because you will be waiting for what you cannot receive, that is to say a very superior vibration and an immense Love.

If you close yourself to this vibration and to this Love, not only by lack of knowledge about yourself but by an expectation that we could never satisfy, it is quite obvious that you cannot appreciate what we offer you and your expectation could never be satisfied.

So, to those who are still waiting and who do not profit from this teaching by applying it in their life, we will simply say this: it is not serious; you have an eternity to travel towards the Light! It is not serious because what you have already learned in this existence will be a gift and will be a part of the treasures that you will take with you when you leave this world.”

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