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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Eye of God


“It is quite difficult for humans to have the true consciousness of what God really is because of their multiple veils.

When we say that God is neutral, this doesn't mean God doesn't have an immense Love. The word ‘goodness' doesn't fit Him. Only the word ‘Love' can fit with what the immense Creator of the Universe really is.

When we talk about the ‘neutrality' of God, we mean that God has no feelings. What you may consider as ‘non Love' in comparison to earthly feelings is actually an immense Love you just cannot grasp or understand.

God can create only through Love. Love has such infinite power that it sometimes destroys whole worlds and solar systems in order to better remold and rebuild them. God is nothing but perfection and God is constantly willing to improve His Creation for He is never fully satisfied with it.

Throughout his whole creation God evolves through you, through us, through all the Hierarchies of Light, through the Creative Gods. He feels and experiences everything that is happening and He wishes to create constantly more perfection, more beauty, more Light and Love.

When you reach the higher dimensions through the initiation you call death and that is actually real life, you will feel tremendous Love, immense peace, fulfillment and joy. Indeed you will feel God's presence in everything, yet you will also feel Love from people who are closest to you, which Love you can sense even more deeply since they are your loved ones. God's Love is more difficult to sense since it includes Its whole Creation.

God's Love is within you, God's Love is in the animal, God's Love is in the precious stone, God's Love is in every plant and every flower, God's Love is everywhere, in every star, every planet and also in the infinitely small. You would not think so, but God's Love is also in the microbe and in every cell. God's Love is everywhere since He created everything.

This Love has such tremendous power that you may feel only tiny particles of His Creation. You may feel his vibration a little through everything that surrounds you. You can be in tune with Universal Love but no human can really grasp what God is. Even we who have dropped most of the veils (our veils are not quite the same as yours) may grasp only a portion of what He really is.

If this is easier for you, imagine Him in a more ‘reduced' way so He may become more accessible, but do not symbolize Him through the image of a man. See Him as a huge power of Love, a huge power of creation. You may symbolize Him as a huge golden cloud. He is a huge vibration; He is the sort of Love that carries you extremely far from yourself.

Do not forget that God, this Infinite Power, this unlimited Love, dwells also deep within you, and that it is deep within you that you may really sense Him. It is deep within you that you may manifest His presence, His Love and His wisdom.

We know, and this is making us so happy, that God has tremendous importance for you. This importance is even bigger now that your consciousness is awakening and your heart is opening.

For ancient people, God punished, He was angry at humans, hence Man loved a false God. The true God is nothing but Love, indeed He doesn't judge since He doesn't have the ability to judge, for He loves the dark as much as the Light. Do not be shocked by that, for in dense worlds the dark is necessary for the blossoming of beings; the dark is necessary so beings may become aware of the Light.

Dear children of the Earth, the work you have to do is to try, as much as possible, to transform the dark areas within you into bright Light. These dark areas come from energies you generate everyday; sometimes you have brought them along with you from past lives and they have imbibed your soul. These energies must be transcended.

Each time you have a judgmental thought, a regressive thought, overlight it with Light and Love with all this tremendous power lying deep within yourself.

During your meditations, try to see your Divine Self growing until it totally fills your being and your whole life.

Your Divine Self sometimes expands and fills your whole body, your whole dense matter. At this moment you feel tremendous Love for all life, for yourself, and you experience a moment of fulfillment, peace, bliss, a moment when you want to give more and more Love to everything around you, whether they be your human brothers or the different kingdoms. Then your Divine Self contracts again and recenters itself in your inner depth.

We could say that your Divine Self ‘is breathing', because it dilates and contracts itself from its deep inhalations and exhalations. You will experience that more and more.

Until recently, you felt it only in your quietest moments when your mind didn't interfere with your inner feelings. You will now experience this expansion and contraction process more and more often, and when you see this happening you can tell yourself ‘God within me is filling my life, my body and all my cells at this very moment'. At this very moment your human consciousness is getting closer to your Divine Consciousness.

For thousands of years, human beings were limited in their capability to perceive the divine and to rise to the Light. They were restrained by beings who did not necessarily serve the Light and who thought they were almighty.

No Creative God is almighty unless he creates out of Love; a time will come when his creation, whatever it is, will be destroyed by the will of Life itself, by the will of Universal Love, by the will of the Divine Father.”

I sense something difficult to explain. I sense the “eyes of God” watching us, though I know perfectly well that God has no eyes. It is symbolic. What is strange is that the eyes of my own divinity are also watching.

The same inner eyes are watching you with such compassion, such Love that it is a real joy. There is no more guilt. It feels as if the eyes of God were cleansing you totally, as if these eyes were clearing all the pains accumulated in your soul. They tell me:

“For a few minutes, meditate on the image of God watching you from the depth of the Universe and watching you from your deepest self.”

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