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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

The choice of words

“Misunderstanding between beings has always been the origin of the fact that human beings always put their point of view first and that they do not generally stand back enough to understand the other person before expressing themselves.

Words call up other words; a word does not have the same resonance and the same significance for the one who expresses it as it does for the one who receives it. However, the more you advance and the more you succeed, with wisdom and moderation, in expressing yourself differently, because you will have acquired a much better comprehension of yourself and of others and because – this is equally very important – you will learn not to judge yourself in relation to your mistakes, your misunderstandings and your clumsiness.

The human being who has not yet gained a level of stable wisdom is often clumsy because he does not understand others any better than he understands himself. Little by little all of this will decrease, you will think and you will express yourself in a much more just fashion; you will therefore no longer need to judge yourself and you can appreciate yourself and appreciate those around you. From the moment when you succeed in understanding yourself, in loving yourself and respecting yourself, you can understand, love and respect others.

You know that the sound and the way of expressing a word or phrase have great importance; they can, by their vibrations, have a repercussion on the one receiving it but they can also reassure, console and relieve. Tone is as important as the word you pronounce.

Sound is a considerable porter of vibration. Our channel is also the transmitter of “sound” vibration that allows – this is important – the establishment of serene relations and the offering, by speech and the way of expressing herself, much more Love, of serenity, of joy and of appeasement.

This is important because, when you are too stressed, your speech sounds like it too and you emit, often involuntarily, a destructive energy that can destabilize you and that, in the long run can be at the origin of a somatization.

The more you try to understand others without judgement or opinions, the more you will help them and the more you will help yourself.

The choice of words that you use is important! Do not rush to express your thought! The word is promising but can also be devastating; therefore, learn the wisdom of the word, of speech and of sound and put as much Love as possible into what you say.

Brothers of the Earth, we know that this is not easy for you, but the more you advance the more all will be easy! Your comprehension will evolve, that of life, of Love, of human relations and of the life that surrounds you.

Once again, be vigilant, listen to yourself, all is going to accelerate more at the level of the modified states of consciousness and of the awakening of consciousness which will be more and more important.

It is for this reason that we ask you to increase the mastery of yourself. Of course, it will be a little difficult at first but then all will become simpler and easier. You, humans, are often upset by insignificant things but you are the one who has generated their energy. It is for these little things that you must be vigilant; you are of course for important things because at that moment you pay attention to your behavior, to what you are and even to your words but in the little daily things you lose your vigilance and your mastery.

It is necessary that you be aware of what you are as a human being and of the action that you can have on matter by your behaviors, your thoughts and your words, and also of what you are as a Being of Light.

You will, besides, feel more and more the Being of Light that you are, but only if you do not look for it because that will come of itself. During some moments, you will have the impression of being totally something else, you may even have the impression of perceiving a light around you; this will be fleeting but little by little, depending on what you will be, depending on your behavior and your vibration, you will perceive what you really are.

Right now everything is participating in the great awakening of human beings. Certainly, everyone will awaken depending on what he is but you, Children of the Light, Children of the Earth who work to truly serve the Light and Love, you can offer much more by your thoughts and by the emanation of what you are.”

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