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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

The Path towards the Light

“We would like to speak to you a little about what happens to the beings that have left the Earth.

We would also like to tell you that often it is you that you cry about! If you were aware of what had become of them, of the way they are living, you would feel a deep joy.

We understand however that when you lose a dear person the separation and the loss can be difficult to live through because you are not sufficiently conscious of the fact that nothing separates beings who have loved each other, nothing separates beings who are still in matter and those who have left their human vestment to go to other planes.

If we are speaking to you in this way it is so that you can integrate more joy.

There is great activity at this time on the other side of the mirror, on what you call “the astral planes”, that dimension that surrounds your planet Earth, that dimension that is different from that of matter where all the souls meet and continue to experiment but in a different way; above all they study the behaviors they had on Earth and complete an apprenticeship that allows them to go even higher.

You will be given other teachings concerning the astral planes. We would like for you to offer much Love to the astral planes that are not well enlightened where souls are who have not understood what Love was and what they should have accomplished in their terrestrial incarnation.

Be certain that these souls perceive and integrate the Love Vibration that you send and offer them. For them, it is like an energy that connects them to you and allows them to better understand the new life after the incarnation.”

They are showing me now some very different astral planes.

“We are showing you this essentially so that you will not be afraid when you leave your vehicle of manifestation, if that must be the case. We say “if that must be the case” because there are several scenarios in relation to your future. We will not speak more on this because that is not the subject.

If the beings that leave their material body have traveled a certain path, if they have a certain openness of consciousness, everything is much easier for them. They are often welcomed by their family or close friends and very quickly, depending on the level of consciousness that was theirs, their soul passes from plane to plane to go towards their real destiny.

With the exception of souls who are blocked in the inferior astral plane, all the others are happy and sometimes infinitely happy to have left the Earth's plane that they perceive as purgatory (or hell).

Therefore, for them it is deliverance! The only suffering that they can sometimes have is to perceive that of those they have left on the Earth's plane. They try to offer them their Love and to console them. However, the human beings do not always have the capacity to feel them and to perceive their help because they are locked in their own suffering.

To describe the true life after leaving this world of matter to you would be relatively long to explain because there is quite an organization that leads souls towards their destiny depending on the plane to which they belonged before having chosen to experiment matter.”

They are telling me:

“We repeat that it is desirable for you to send as much Love and Light as possible to all the souls who are a little lost in limbo and who do not succeed in finding their path.

You can imagine a multitude of little dead leaves pushed by the wind and who do not succeed in finding the path that leads them towards the Light.

Visualize an immense luminous path, gold in color, and filled with your Love. The little souls will perceive this Light and will be attracted by your Love; this way they can succeed much more easily in finding the path that leads them to their new life.”

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