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Life is magnificent!

All human beings form an immense body that is called “humanity”.

In a certain way, you are a one and only human entity.

Unfortunately men have not understood that they are a part of this immense body; they have not yet understood that they are all brothers. Men have not yet understood that they must not divide themselves due to such and such a religion or to such and such politics…

Human beings do not know how to think and they do not know how to understand even though all is within their reach. But there is still the power that human beings have upon the weakest and above all the power that life in the material world procures once they have acquired some bad knowledge…We insist: once they have acquired bad knowledge.

There is of course good knowledge and if you listen to us or read us it is to acquire this good knowledge!

Bad knowledge comes from all that you are inculcated with and that pulls you downward. At this time, this is a little of what is happening. We will skip this subject that is not the one that we have chosen.

We are going to respond to the question that some of you have concerning atheists.

In fact, no human being is an atheist! Even those who believe in nothing, “neither God nor the Devil” as you say, implore God, the Universe or certain forces in difficult moments of their life…Every human being has within a spirituality that manifests itself or does not manifest itself or at least does not reveal itself.

Why does it not reveal itself? Due to blockages or from a past that was sometimes heavy that these beings must transcend and eliminate. Therefore, even beings who say they do not believe in anything bend their knees in the face of difficulties more or less important.

When they will go to their real home after having done their tour on Earth, you must not believe that those who have followed a spiritual path will necessarily go higher than those who do not know what the word “spirituality” means.

A being who knows nothing of spirituality can have an immense heart, a heart full of Love, of compassion, of joy and offer these around them. A being that follows a spiritual path can have a dry heart because he is in a false spirituality. He is in the spirituality of fear and he tells himself: “I am on this spiritual path because maybe something or other will not happen to me because I am protected…”

Therefore, he has this spirituality of fear that manifests itself in beings even in a very subtle way. However, you are Seekers of the Light, Seekers of Truth. You are not in the spirituality of fear, you are not in the spirituality of power – the word is completely unjustified but we are using it anyway – of all the religions that should help and who, in the end, separate.

Therefore, around you there can be some beings who do not know anything about spirituality but who have a heart so full of Love that you can honor them, love them and admire the work that they do.

When you leave the Earth, it matters little what you have been because you do not know what you are in reality; you do not have the memory of your past journeys; you do not have the memory of what you may have been in other existences.

When you leave the plane of the Earth and your vehicle of manifestation, memory will return to you. At that moment, you go to the plane of Light that corresponds with what you really are.

However, some humans do not wish to understand or to advance: these are very bad students. In this case, they have eternity to advance but they keep coming back to relive the same experiences until they understand and they accept, just until they can simply change class.

Beginning next year, what will be offered to humanity will be in fact the possibility of going much faster in comprehension and in evolution thanks to extremely important vibratory frequencies that will inundate your Earth more and more and we repeat again, your solar system and the Universe.

God (or the Source) is in the process of perfecting the magnificent tableau of Life that He created as Father-Mother.

A creator is never totally satisfied with his creation! He must refine it because everything evolves in the Universe! Even God the Father-Mother evolves thanks to his own creation! You are all creations of the Source and through you and all of your experiences you also make the One who created you evolve.

This is a little difficult to understand and you are going to say: “But God the Father-Mother, who created us, knows everything? Of course He knows! But, in the deepest part of matter, He wishes to feel the effects of his creation and you, you are like little reporters, like little journalists who are going to report to Him all that happens in the very dense matter of the Earth where they are incarnated right now.

Life is magnificent! Life is infinite! The more you advance spiritually, the more you will feel the beauty, the harmony and the perfection of Life! You could feel it even on your planet!

Even if everything is in the process of shifting, even if everything is going the wrong way, you can see, perceive and feel the beauty of creation. You can feel the beauty of nature, in the perfume of flowers, in the singing of birds, in the beauty of a stream, in its music! You can feel the beauty of the creation in all that surrounds you if you know how to see, if you know how to feel and vibrate in relation to this beauty.

Some veils will be removed from you, just so that you can profit much more from this marvelous nature and from all that surrounds you. It is of course obvious that you cannot profit like you should in a concrete city, with your noisy vehicles that permanently travel over your streets!

You can only profit from the beauty of creation outside of the cities. Unfortunately, human beings have not understood that they imprison themselves in all these concrete cities and they continue to do so, again and again…

There will come a time, not as far in the future as you think where nature will take back a little of what human beings have taken from it. Your Mother Earth is powerful and strong! For the moment, she is still accepting a little the suffering that men cause her out of ignorance. There will come a time where the threshold of non-acceptance will be crossed and your Mother Earth will not be able to accept anymore and she will react!

Right now on Earth, you are close to seven billion individuals. There will come a time when you will be much less numerous. Up until now this was permitted to very young souls coming from certain worlds in evolution, to come to this planet to make a great leap, to integrate certain vibrations, certain energies that will allow them to go much faster and much farther in the experiences of successive incarnations but a balance will take place. All of this must come to an end. Equilibrium will manifest itself again in this world. For this equilibrium to manifest itself you will receive precious help.

What we are saying must not generate fear in you! On the contrary, what we are saying must generate confidence and joy, and allow you to say: “Finally! Finally our Mother Earth is going to carry on her and in her some humanities that are in harmony, humanities that will live in Love, for Love and in fraternity and joy!”

Definitively, it matters little the cost to pay! Life in this world is only a small passage but for those who are here and for those who will be here, the passage might as well be most agreeable!

There will come a time when your evolution will not take place in suffering; your evolution will take place in harmony and in beauty.

On some planets, like for Venus in your solar system and for many of the planets in the multiple solar systems, in the multiple galaxies, duality as such does not exist. All is based on harmony, beauty, Love and respect of course and especially on the respect of divine laws.

Therefore this little world where you live is a dual world but in a relatively short period of time it will cease to be.

Of course, you are asking yourself the question: In how much time? For several reasons, we cannot respond to this question. If we told you for example: “in eight days, in a month, in six months such and such an event will occur” you would no longer make your experiences of life, you would no longer do your projects. You must make your experiences until the end of your life in matter. All is evolutionary! What you will do tomorrow will be evolutionary; what you will do the day after or in several days will be evolutionary!

Therefore we cannot tell you when this will happen for the reason that we just cited and for another reason that is much more important: so as not to generate fear!

Fear is the enemy of man! Fear is often generated by man, by his lack of confidence, by his ignorance and what has been inculcated in him, sometimes since his birth, that is to say false theories of evolution and also by his feeling of guilt.

Therefore fear is the enemy of man, just as Love is the greatest friend of man! It is well beyond a friend! Love is the key! We will tell you this a hundred times, a thousand times, just until you understand the importance of Love and that you understand that Love is the key, the key to your life, the key to your well-being, the key to your evolution!

We are also going to tell you this: each of you wishes to evolve but are you really giving yourself the means? Are you sufficiently attentive to your behavior, to your words and to your acts?

We are going to say: Often human beings “want”; they wish poorly! They want to understand but they do not give themselves the possibility of understanding! So if you can, take a look backwards more often on your life, on your actions and reactions, on what you generate with your thoughts. Do this in order to better know yourself!

The better you know yourself, the faster you will evolve because self-knowledge removes veils. At that time, you will recuperate the capacities that are in every human being. You will automatically recuperate the psychic capacities in the higher dimension because you will be able to remove the veils yourself thanks to the work that you will have accomplished in understanding yourself and in acting as you should!”

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