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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

The very great importance of respect

“We would like to speak to you about respect because we consider that respect and Love are the most important things that you must acquire.

In your world, there are several levels of consciousness.

We are not saying that such and such people are not in respect, we are simply saying: open your eyes and your ears!

We are for peace in your world, and we work for it much more than you think. We are asking you however to not only see the world at your doorstep; you must go out and look at the world at 360 degrees to have a much more just view of things.

Each of you has his own vision of the world that surrounds him. Do you have the just vision? The vision that you have of your world today could change with your evolution.

The most important thing to conceive is respect: the respect for a way of life, respect for a way of thinking, respect for a way of loving, respect for conceiving one's life through the life of others.

It is necessary for you to respect yourself before being able to really respect all that surrounds you! The day when human beings will have understood what fraternity really is, they will have understood what respect is!

For us, it matters little the color of the skin, matters little what the culture is or the religion if beings respect themselves and respect others!

Right now in your world, there is no longer any respect! Human beings are tearing each other apart because they all want to be right!

Are you right in your affirmations, in your declarations, in your way of seeing life, of seeing others?

Those who work in Love and in respect, even without investing themselves in humanitarian causes, in one association or another, can obtain very important results! Just action has results, just thinking has results and thoughts of Love or prayer has results!

We are asking you to rise above this. You are not aware to what point you live in a false world, a world of immense manipulations where the human is an unhappy slave. You are not aware of it since you do not have respect for each other, since you are easily manipulated and because your way of understanding life is obscured.

So, be in respect! We, your Galactic Brothers, are telling you that it would be easy for us to make it such that men on Earth got along, that there were no more wars! However, what would this serve if in the heart of men there was still a non-respect for the other? Wars will never stop as long as you have not acquired respect, respect for yourself and respect for others!

We would simply like to explain this: a civilization cannot be and cannot live except in fraternity! All the beings are inhabitants of planet Earth, therefore there can never really be a real civilization without this respect that is the basis of all civilizations.

We will come towards you when you will be in respect!

It is honorable to love those who suffer and to help them but are you really helping them? Ask yourself this! Is it helping them to uproot them? All of these beings have their convictions and their own way of seeing life. You must help them as much as possible; you must not place a radical judgment upon them but you must simply explain to them what respect is!

We could tell you so many things in relation to your civilization! We could tell you so many things in relation to your behavior! But as long as you have not understood and acquired respect, all that we could tell you would pass through your own veil and through your convictions that you defend relentlessly.

If tomorrow, instead of talking about fraternity you began to speak about respect, men would then, no matter where they are, take each other by the hand and say:

“You are my brother! You are my brother because I respect you and because I know that you respect me! You are my brother because you do not wish to impose your law upon me! You are my brother because you accept what I am! I respect you! Because I respect you, I love you in a totally fraternal and unconditional way!”

It is this, children of the Earth that you must learn!

Of course, what we are telling you is a little hard to hear but we must also awaken you! We must awaken you to prevent you from overshadowing the realities of life! Of course, everyone will live and see life based on what he is, based on his sensibility and based on the Love that is in him.

We are going to tell you this again: we have an immense Love for you! For this reason, we could help humans to stop destroying themselves, however we do not do it. Are you going to think that we do not have Love for you?

We simply see the evolution of man; we simply see the radical change of civilizations; we simply see man who is going about, a little lost, in all directions because he has not yet found his path. We see men afraid, we see men terrified, and we see men manipulated.

What do we have the right to do? Simply to send them Love and to wait, to wait for men to regain the consciousness of what they are thanks to the help that we bring them, thanks to the help of our Love and also thanks to the considerable energies that are inundating the world right now!”

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