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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

The most beautiful of missions

It is important at this time that many beings open up to a new consciousness.

You are all heading towards a different future! You are going to know what was impenetrable, what could not be diffused or taught to beings that lived well before you and even before 2012.

Many among you thought that the world would shift in 2012; of course it did not shift, at least the way you thought, but it did change profoundly and you all have also changed profoundly.

The problem with human beings is that they are impatient because they would love to go much faster, to better understand, to feel, and some perhaps to channel their brothers in the Light and their guides; this is understandable, certainly, but for the moment it is necessary for all beings to be able to arrive at a certain vibratory frequency so that the capabilities of their spirit can develop or be used.

If, all of a sudden, the capabilities of the spirit were given you, you might use them with Wisdom, Fraternity and Love, but many human beings would use them, again and unfortunately, for domination, power, etc.

Therefore, as we have said a long time ago, the faculties of the spirit are developing themselves and will develop more and more depending on your spiritual work and on your evolution. We cannot give you access to other parts of yourself as long as you have not acquired a certain wisdom and also a certain vibratory level. We have been there to help you for many years now.

The period that you will live through in the weeks and months that follow will be a very important period; much will be asked of you, but at the same time much will be offered you. From the moment that you will open up your heart to Love, to Fraternity, when you will open your consciousness to another understanding of yourself and of life, you could pass through many turpitudes and difficult experiences (not necessarily your own difficult experiences but just simply the experiences of your country or of the world).

We are more active than ever in order to be able to pull your little planet and its humanity towards a new consciousness, towards a new vibration. We are more and more active to accelerate your process of evolution. There must be more and more human beings who awaken, in order to be able to advance and especially to shift your world, your civilization towards a renewal, towards a new world that is so expected and so hoped for.

There are still several possible scenarios, even if…one of them is designing itself more than the others. Those that are designing themselves are a function of the evolution of the general consciousness of humanity. From the moment when humanity will awaken itself to Fraternity, or when humanity says “no” to all that is violence, to all that is war and manipulation, your civilization could shift in a very rapid manner towards a new world of fraternity and of Love.

In fact, human beings are not made to live difficult experiences in suffering, in violence and in misery. You have all come to experiment life, but it is not necessary to live it in the way that human beings are living it now, that is to say in suffering for many countries, and even for your little country that is called “France”.

This suffering was and is not necessary, but many human beings are still prisoners of religious cultures or traditions that have been transmitted to them (an often erroneous transmission at that) by their ancestors, their grandparents, their parents, etc. They must arrive at integrating another way of acceding to their own life and to understand the reason for their experiences and of their existence in this world.

They must also, and this is the most important, arrive at understanding who they are beyond their form, that is to say beings that are very luminous, beings of energy and not beings of matter as they perceive it. Certainly, matter and their physical body are dense but they are also “energy”, an energy that vibrates much lower and that, in a certain way, densifies itself. The more you will evolve, the more you will make your body of matter lighter, more subtle. Your life will be different, the personal consciousness and the global consciousness will be completely different.

We are helping you but we are also counting on you! We cannot do everything in order for your world to change and for you to be really able to be useful to us! For this, the only key is Love! We hope that you will become aware of this extraordinary vibration that dwells in each of you but you often ignore it; you find that all others are better than you whereas you do not see yourself as you are!

Human beings are not aware of the immense Love that dwells in them and that only asks to express itself. The more that they let the Love Light vibration express itself, the more they will participate in the global change of humanity.

The Love that is in you is a marvelous vibration! We associate the words “Love” and “Vibration”; for many among you they do not signify much because you know sentimental love, human love which, however, has great importance because it forms the base of your life and it allows you to go much farther in the consciousness of Love.

When you will have understood the way in which you function at the level of terrestrial love, to begin to question yourself and to feel the Love Vibration. The Love Vibration is not sentiment, it is neither positive nor inferior, it simply is! The Love Vibration is that of the Source that created the worlds and the Universes.

From the moment that you begin to understand how you function, you can accomplish miracles upon yourself and to change life by your thoughts and by the confidence that you have in your capabilities. You could transform sadness into joy and your little disharmonies into perfect health.

Thought has an immense power in your life! You use it of course but not necessarily as you should, that is to say for your greatest good.

At this time, human beings are perturbed by fears, by all that they hear and by what is happening in your world; certainly things are happening that could be considered as frightful! Unfortunately there will be more of this as long as some human beings will be in the negation of Love and in ignorance; this will have a consequence on the elements through their thought forms that have an immense importance in relation to Mother Earth and to the unleashing of the elements.

Your scientists could say: “such and such an event is the consequence of global warming”. This is true for a small part of the events but there are so many other parameters that you ignore! We will not speak about this for the moment because it is not useful.

Certainly an unknown sudden fear cannot be consumed in the Light and in Love but there are fears that hide inside you and that try to simply manifest themselves to survive. Why to survive? Because fear is inherent in the matter of the third dimension in which you live.

We will not expound further on this subject but we will simply say this: fear is a vibration that is opposed to that of Love; you can feed fear just as you can nourish Love! Love makes its vibration grow in you and it makes you blossom and it illuminates you! If you feed fear it has the opposite effect: it pulls you totally down and at the limit it can destroy you.

When you have thoughts of fear, fear perhaps due to your “medias” that show you often a repeat of things that are not necessarily positive and necessary, when an emotion that is too strong comes over you due to an event that is happening in your world, simply send Light and Love onto this emotion and onto these fears! Never attract the energy of fear, even coming from the outside! Try, on the contrary, to make it so that the fear does not manifest itself or that it manifests itself as little as possible.

Fear is an element to understand and to eradicate little by little. How do you understand and eradicate this fear? First by analyzing your behavior, your thoughts and also your sentiments and your emotions. From the moment that you understand how you function, you refuse to nourish what not only is not necessary in you but completely useless! Fears generate suffering and they can act upon your disharmonies (we name “disharmonies” what you call “illnesses”, but we do not like to use that word).

Be in joy! Joy has an immense importance in your life! It allows you to put everything into perspective and it elevates your vibratory frequency. So, when you are a little sad, learn to laugh about everything and nothing, to sing, to look at yourself smiling in the mirror, and to see how you are handsome or beautiful when you smile! Sometimes you no longer recognize yourself because beyond your face you feel the beauty that emanates from you, that marvelous Energy of Light and of Love.

To counter all that the medias can distill in you as suffering, certainly real, to prevent yourself from being caught up in it, be in joy, in confidence, in faith, and try to integrate serenity, make positive affirmations and you will see that little by little you will transform your life. Instead of lamenting over such and such a situation or upon yourself, you can put things in perspective and you will find that life, even in your tormented world can be marvelous.

At that moment, not only will you render service to yourself and you will really begin to transform yourself but you will create a positive egregore, you will generate vibrations of Love and of joy that will associate themselves to the vibrations of Love and of joy that all beings who have understood, who will think the best of themselves and who will offer their Love Vibration to all the world; this could simply be a thought of Love that escapes from you. At that moment, you will all be in your mission!

Every human being comes to accomplish a mission but what is the most beautiful mission that a human being can accomplish? To anchor Love and Light in matter in order to elevate it to a higher vibration, in order to transform dense matter into a much lighter matter, much more ethereal.

Sometimes human beings seek almost impossible missions when this mission is at their fingertips! The most beautiful mission of all is to anchor the Light and Love in yourself and in matter. You can anchor them in yourself but you can also offer them in all the kingdoms!

When people around you are suffering and in order for the offer that you make them to be much stronger, simply ask the Source, in your name, to offer them the most Love and Light possible so that they can live much happier and that their consciousness can open up.

Certainly, you can do this yourself, but what you may offer will not be a function of your wish because you do not necessarily know how to do it (unless you have a very profound attachment for a person) so if you have the Source intervene (or God, or the Father of all lives or even your Great Brother of Love, Jesus, etc.) your request will be heard and your wishes will be, in a certain way, fulfilled; they may not be at the first or second request but a wish that is made with this intention is automatically always heard and always fulfilled.”

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