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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Learn to love!
You are part of a School of Wisdom
Life is magnificent!
The most beautiful of missions
How to help?
Learn, learn, always learn!
Radiate Light and Love!
The Path towards the Light
The very great importance of respect
What are you expecting from us?
Elevation of the vibratory frequency
The choice of words
Your consciousness is going to awaken
Love manifests itself in a thousand and one ways
A marvelous path
An important and urgent gift of Love  (11 April 2017)
World meditations
The Love Light Vibration
An important meditation
Dissipation on the Internet
True love and the illusion of Love
True spiritual joys
World meditation at the end of the month
To be united in Love and the Light
Love experienced on Venus
Love what you are!
The Most Beautiful Lesson
The goal of the spiritual path
Lend a hand
A leap in the awakening of consciences
True freedom  (2 February 2016)
Love is inexhaustible  (2 February 2016)
Do not intervene in the life of others
Learn to discover those who surround you!
We have stepped into the new time  (1 July 2017)
Warning against encoding and programming  (9 May 2015)
Be attentive to what you are becoming!
Spiritual evolution
Love is the key!
What is important is to advance!
Love Energy and sentimental love  (5 December 2015)
The Love of the Future
Wisdom School
Confidence is different for everyone
The power of Love and Light is considerable
The different aspects of the ego
Universal Love is an impersonal love
Give yourself time!
True Love
A new Love
Love or the Law of the “Loved”
You Hope for What You Do Not Know
The Greatest Wealth
The Illusion of Love
The Power of Love
To Solicit Our Soul and Our Divine Part
Have No Regrets
Make a Chain of Love until the End of the Year
Man Will Obtain Nothing from Violence  (4 May 2012)
To Unite Towards One
Do Not Create Illusions
Simplicity and Truth
The Energy Love-Creation
Working with the Energy of Love
Love your Enemy as Yourself
Be a Light to Others
Asking for Help
An Incredible Beauty!
Wisdom and Truth
In Search of the Wondrous
Eye of God
Generosity and Lack of Generosity
Opening One's Heart and Generosity
Confronting Aggressiveness
The Point of Love
Tolerance and Intolerance
Vibration Love
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