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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Elevation of the vibratory frequency

“Everything is being prepared, everything is working together in consciousness, in behaviors, in letting go, in accepting all that you are experiencing, in the acceptance of the other and it is very important to accept the other as he is.

The other, the one that you do not understand is surely making some efforts to change but you cannot see it because he does not have your level of consciousness and the efforts that he tries to make to change do not correspond with yours. It is for this reason that you must have much tolerance, much compassion (and later much Unconditional Love) for all those who surround you.

There are however on Earth, more and more, some beings that are awakening to Unconditional Love and we are happy. There are more and more beings that have the capacity to say: “now I love, very simply, and I am not expecting anything from the other. I give him my Love because I am happy to be able to do it.”

When you will no longer judge, when you will simply give of yourself, when you will have pleasure in giving pleasure, the pleasure of offering what you are without awaiting something in return, you can say: “I am beginning to really be in Unconditional Love and I am really preparing myself for the world that will be mine in a little while.”

This is important! If we speak to you about all of this it is to allow you to have a more rapid awakening of consciousness. What do we wish for you? That you grow and that you awaken to what you really are!

Some of you have some difficulties in accepting yourself or loving yourself because you were not recognized or because you were not sufficiently loved during childhood. Now all of that no longer exists! You must tell yourself: “it matters little if I am not loved, I love myself and I love others.”

To love is not to appear as if you love; it is to invest oneself in Love! It is very easy to say “I love” but it is not as easy to prove it! How can you prove it? Through friendship, through listening, by the service that you render the other, through Love, even silent, that you will offer him, by a smile, by the valorization of the one who needs it; you must always be encouraging and give hope!

Give all that you can give but give without expecting anything in return because if you give while expecting something in return you are still in the love of the third dimension, you are not in Unconditional Love, in the Love that will project you more and more towards a higher dimension and that will also elevate your vibratory frequency.

You often speak of elevating your vibratory frequency because it is the fashion. It is talked about in seminaries, in books, but do you really understand what “to elevate one's vibratory frequency” means?

If you do a little bit of all that we have spoken to you about, automatically this vibratory frequency will elevate, but it is not by “wanting” it to elevate that this will take place, it is in “working” to elevate it! It is thanks to your comprehension of things, of what you are and of your behavior that you can elevate your vibratory frequency!

It is not by participating in a seminary or a course where you are told: “do this and do that, practice this or that technique” that you will succeed! That is a mistake, because the only reality is your behavior in relation to yourself, your way of integrating Love for yourself before offering it to others, the respect that you have for yourself and all that we have spoken to you about up until now that will allow it.

No technique will allow you to elevate your vibratory frequency, because techniques often speak to the ego or to the mind. If you speak to your heart, if you work with your heart, you will elevate your vibratory frequency, and those who surround you will feel it.

A technique, something that is learned, will not be felt by your friends and relatives. You will only have the semblance of power over the other because your language will make you appear to be more evolved than the other, but it will remain in the domain of the ego, of the intellect, and of the mind.

We would like for you to really seize what we are telling you because it is important! You are in a period of your life where everything is possible for you, that is to say that you have all the tools that really allow you to grow, but you also have the barrier of your ego and the fashion that consists of applying methods that are only learned through the intellect and make you forget to descend into your heart.

You will never learn to elevate yourself spiritually by working with the intellect or the ego! Of course, for some people, the intellect is important because it can be a tool. Certainly it can be, provided that the intellect is connected to the heart! If the intellect remains totally stuck in the ego, it offers no aid but if it is connected to the heart, to Love, to comprehension, it can really be an aid.”

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