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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

How to help?

“We are going to speak about the aid that you can give to others.

Aid to others must be done with discernment. When you help others you must not be the savior!

Many people think that the mission is to permanently help others. It is not us who will tell you not to help because aid is a part of the Love that you must offer to those who surround you. However, we repeat it once again; you must give it with discernment and not exhaust yourself.

People who are in great difficulty have need, in a certain way, to nourish themselves with the energy of the people who are in good health and who have an elevated or relatively elevated level of vibratory frequency. At that moment, there is a transfer of energy from one person to the other; this is neither more nor less than the principle of communicating vases!

You do not always understand the way in which you function as a being of energy because you always see yourself as a being in matter!

People who are “in the negative” solicit, even unconsciously, those who “are in the positive” and automatically they become a sort of energy vampire.

However, a being that, in an unconscious way nourishes himself on the energy of the other, is not necessarily in bad health! This transfer of energy can produce itself simply when a person is tired or in revolt and the other one isn't. The person in revolt, without necessarily having any disharmony, nourishes himself with the energy of the other who is in serenity, calm and Love.

What should you do when you are solicited? How do you help in a way that is just, balanced and with discernment? Simply ask yourself the question: “can I help? Am I not going to exhaust myself in the help that I am going to give to this person? The help that I will offer him will it really be useful for his evolution? Will it really be an act of Love or am I helping to prove to myself that I am capable of giving?”

Several other questions can pose themselves to you. Of course, it is difficult to say “no”! It is much easier to say “yes” than to say “no” but you must always go beyond the help that you wish to give the other and reflect on the consequences that this aid could generate in your own life.

It is his nature: the human being needs to help because deep within is the important Love that he must offer but he does not always know how to do it.

Good discernment must always be put first! The human being is always waiting for Love, for the Love of others and, obviously, he seeks also to offer his.

Often you help because you unconsciously wait for the recognition or the Love on the part of the other. This also can glorify your ego! You can say: “I helped” but at what level does the help lie? Is it for your own ego or your own pleasure or was this help given with total disinterest, in Love and without calculation?

It is sometimes very difficult for you to know if the help you give is disinterested or if, behind this help you also are waiting for recognition or a small personal glory.

There is another subject to bring up in relation to the aid given to others:

You can help but without totally investing yourself physically; you can aid at a distance because at a distance you are not solicited in the same way. You can help others by reassuring them, by sending them Love, by speaking to them to help them resolve their own problems.

However, often when you wish too much to help others you prevent them from living their own experience! This comes from a lack of discernment! A balance must exist between the good and bad discernment.

Often, in the teaching that we have given, we have told you that you must love and help the other but there are so many ways to help!

Sometimes you help in a totally positive way that really helps a person and sometimes you do not help because you maintain the person in a state of weakness and of dependence in relation to you, therefore that person continues to nourish himself with your energy.

This subject is very important for us because the beings that are on this spiritual path have as a principal – and it is a very good principal – to take the hand of he who suffers, to help him…but not to carry him!

One day, your Great Brother of Love told our channel: “I cannot carry you but I can walk beside you and take you by the hand. It is up to you to walk! If I carried you on my shoulders you would not do what you came to the Earth to do! On the other hand, I can be near you, even invisible!” This is what we would also like to tell you.

For the moment, the aid that you give to those who surround you is not yet very consequential. There will come a time when many things will crumble around you! Your family, your relatives and close friends could collapse! You cannot use all the available resources! At that moment, you must just simply be a pillar that reassures because you could not offer your help in the same way as right now.

When this moment arrives, those who, like you, have been prepared for a long time will see some doors open within. At that time, the help that they will offer to others who are really in difficulty will be an aid made with discernment, justice and Love, and they will be listening.

When you will have this opening of consciousness (and this will not be long now, but we will come back to this) the help that you will bring to those who will have need of it will come from your own shining and from your vibratory frequency. The beings will no longer vampire you because your vibratory frequency will offer them the necessary aid without you being “emptied” or affected in any way.

You, human being, you are subjected – especially right now – to physical fatigue, you are subjected to psychological and mental fatigue and you can also be subjected to spiritual fatigue.

What does spiritual fatigue represent? We are going to speak about it a little because this also is necessary.

Spiritual fatigue manifests itself when you wish to go very fast, when you with to climb the rungs of the ladder four by four and then you exhaust yourself because you do not succeed in attaining the goal that you fixed for yourself.

In the spiritual domain as in that of your own advancement, you must have discernment. You must not wish to do more than you can do no matter at what level that is!

Everyone can of course make his own decisions and take responsibility in relation to any experience.

You can also bring an important aid just simply by listening to the other. When you are listening (which often takes place on the telephone) and when you are face to face with an extremely depressed person, it is preferable that you place a veil of Light and Love on your verbal communication. You can also do this when you communicate verbally with those who surround you.”

Sometimes we dare not say “no!” Isn't this because deep within we have a sentiment of guilt?

“Absolutely because in the optic of human beings, especially when they are on a spiritual path, must always say “yes”. For them, it is inconceivable to not be there to lend a hand to he who is in need.

We repeat, there are several ways to lend a hand: with or without discernment! You can acquire this discernment as you go along in your evolution.

Imagine a being who really wishes to help a friend. He will do all he can to help him; little by little this friend will take his energy, will weaken him more and more. This being will not be aware that he can no longer give! He will exhaust himself, and not only will he not be able to render service to the person he wishes to help but he could “become sick” or have a disharmony.

You must not give more than you can give! You must follow the middle road; to give with discernment is learned!

Once again – and perhaps you are not aware of it right away – the help given to people in great difficulty wears you out. Some find force in the Love that they put into the help that they give but at some point they cannot renew themselves as they wish.

So reflect! Help, yes, we are completely in agreement, but always help with discernment! Those who have certain capacities, like magnetism for example can help because they are not drained because they have a high vibratory frequency and at that moment they have the protection of the Caregivers of Light who come to assist and to help them.

Therefore, those who practice magnetism or who simply give Love (but without intervening in any other way) will always be helped. We are using the word “magnetism” but this is well beyond magnetism! People who help through the laying on of hands or through words are inspired and protected; these are often transmitters of superior energies, of vibrations that are much higher, and this is why they are not affected when they give aid.”

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