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Learn, learn, always learn!

“To love you for us is very easy! On the planes where we are, since there is neither personality, nor ego, Love is extremely easy; there are not even any questions to ask of oneself!

In matter, humans function in a totally different way because they are in duality, often in duality with themselves; it is therefore much more difficult for them to understand Love at a certain level.

You speak of duality between beings; this duality is often motived by incomprehension. Beings also have the particularity, in a relation with another, in Love, to always want to bring to the other their own consciousness of Love. This lack of freedom in relation to the other – unconscious of course – that can call itself Love, can also be called possessiveness, intolerance, etc.

Children of the Earth, Love is the most beautiful thing that exists in the Universe! However, for beings who are in matter, it is the most difficult thing to understand, to put into practice, and above all to evolve in it and with it!

Duality between beings is therefore an incomprehension tied to the fact of not really knowing the other and of not understanding him.

Human beings are often locked into their way of understanding, of functioning and of loving, and they do not open themselves up enough to try and understand the other, the way of functioning and of loving of the other, which, once again, creates this duality.

We are going to reassure you by saying this: whether you like it or not, the more you advance the less you will pose yourself questions in relation to Love.

Love is not explained! It is, it lives, it feels, it expresses itself, it offers itself, it asks nothing, it is all that you can feel, all that you can offer! What is important is that Love cannot be quantified and it cannot be imprisoned.

From the moment that you wish to direct Love to your convenience, you enter into duality with others, because your vision of Love is not the same as that of the person who is in front of you. Automatically, you are in duality because, we repeat, you do not understand the other and you do not understand yourself. You do not understand either the way that the other feels the Love Vibration and what his awareness of Love is.

Love evolves constantly! If today a human being seems to you to not have any Love at all, in eight days his consciousness of Love and his capacity of offering it could go beyond yours. Love can reveal itself to each of you in several seconds because it is! It is a part of the Divine Breath, it is a part of Life, and it is Life!

You ask yourself: “how to live Love when there is hate around us?” We will respond simply by saying that from the moment that you see hate around you, it is because you yourself are not in unity!

Beings who are unhappy, sick, in revolt, cannot generate Love, not because they do not have Love in them but simply because they do not find it; they therefore generate resentment or jealousy. To say that they generate hate would be perhaps excessive! As they are in duality with themselves, they are automatically in duality with others.

We can confirm that from the moment that you will really begin to be in the Love Vibration, you can only see in the other, no matter who he is, what is best and most beautiful! You will perceive the Love Vibration that he himself does not perceive and your role will be, in silence, to help him to perceive his own Love Vibration. When he will perceive it, little by little he will change at the level of consciousness, he will no longer feel resentment, he will no longer be in reaction in relation to his life, to his environment, in relation to himself and to others!

A being who is in resentment in relation to his family and friends (the word “hate” is a little strong), to a situation, whether it is political, philosophical, religious, etc. has not found Love in himself. This is a being who is not in peace within, who has not found himself, not only at the level of Love but at the level of what he is on Earth, in this incarnation.

The mission of all human beings whose consciousness is open is to not take into account resentment, violence, anger and even the exaggeration of some beings who manifest, in their own way, their own shortcomings, their own lack of Love, their suffering and their disillusionment in relation to life.

So, in the silence of your heart (there is no need for words) go and seek the immense Love that is in you, and simply ask that this Love Vibration, that you will of course have elevated well above your human consciousness, to attain your own heart.

When you will have offered this Love in the silence of your heart to these beings, they will be able to feel it, even if they are in great violence. The most beautiful gift that you can offer to your human brothers is to help them feel Love, to elevate themselves beyond their own suffering, their own reactivity in relation to life.

This does not always happen the first or second time! It is sometimes necessary to begin again in order to offer sufficient Love Vibrations to others. If, in your environment, there are people who you suppose are in an inferior energy, you must allow them the time to accept and to integrate this new Vibration so that they can offer it to themselves at the level of their heart and of their consciousness.

A being who is unhappy has a problem conceiving Love! A being who is unhappy envies he whom he supposes to be happy and who is not living any existential problem. A being who is unhappy can obviously not offer anything but violence and suffering; he can even go to the extreme of taking the life of others.

Life in matter is relatively complex. In a certain way, it is simple and in another way it is complex because it asks you to constantly adapt yourself in order to not be out of sync with what you are in matter and what you are becoming more and more every day because you will integrate new energies, a new consciousness and especially a new Love Energy.

To you, Children of the Earth, to you who are living a little “backwards” at this time, to you who have lost all points of reference, to you who truly wish for a new world, to you who also wish to help your brothers, we say this:

Today, you are experiencing the turbulence of human beings who do not know which way to turn, who do not have the capacity to understand what is just and what is not, who allow themselves to be misled by beautiful words, by the media, by outrageous publicity. These are nothing, neither more nor less, than manipulations of consciousness but in the bad sense.

You can have a counter effect, through your thoughts; you can offer those Love Vibrations to all the people who are still a little in a fog, who do not know towards what or who to turn, so that they can find in themselves what is really good for them and also for their country.

One person will not change what is a given! It is all human beings who unite in fraternity and in Love who can change the events.

Children of the Earth, we are going to tell you this: whether it is in your little country that you call France or in any other country on your planet, men believe in their powers. Men believe in their decision making powers, they believe they can govern all and manipulate everything. They believe they have total power over matter, over the Earth, over events, over politics and over religion. But in the end, they have very little power! They are like elementary school children who play at scaring each other, who play games that are more or less violent to confront each other, to see who is the strongest and who can win.

You are like that at this time! In relation to all the planes that are located well above you, you are children, even if you have been, before incarnating in this very specific period, some extraordinary beings with very full spiritual lives.

In this life, as is many others of course, you have chosen to forget in order to be able to accomplish what you came into this world for.

We are going to open a small parenthesis: among the beings who are in suffering, in revolt, in violence, there can be some beings coming from other parts of the Universe! This is not only possible but very real! They have chosen to come now in matter to experiment all that it has to offer to the human consciousness in a bad way, in a less negative way, in a good way or in a very good way.

In summary, the less attention you pay to what is not Light in your current world, the less you will give energy to what you consider as being the somber side of life! On the other hand, the more you give energy to what is Light in you and around you, the more you will have the capacity to transform yourself and to transform all that surrounds you!

Do not forget this: all the beings who live on planet Earth have been created and come from the same place as you! They were born in the suns, some have lived many more lives than others but all come for the same reason: to learn, to learn, and always to learn!

Learn what, specifically? To learn, as all humans do, at the intellectual level? To learn, through false knowledge, or intellectual studies, many things that serve them nothing at the end of life?

So, what have you come to learn? You have come to learn in relation to the other, you have come to learn all of the capacities that are in you, to learn creativity. You have come to learn fraternity and respect of life, respect for yourself, respect for all that surrounds you. You have come to learn what you are in reality: extraordinary beings that have lived hundreds, even thousands of lives, in this world or in others, and who, right now, have come to complete their knowledge of the Love Vibration!

On planet Earth, you have an extraordinary chance because you can experiment Love on a grand scale. “Grand” is not a vain word, it is a reality!

If you committed yourself a little to understanding what Love represents, you would see that a lifetime is not sufficient for understanding if it is only in matter. We are not speaking of Love beyond matter that is still at levels which are for the moment totally inaccessible to you.

This means that the more you evolve, the more Love that you know in the third dimension will transform itself for you and allow you to attain superior levels that will allow you to go towards the transition.

The transition corresponds in fact to an elevation of consciousness that is very superior to what is now yours. The consciousness that you have now is veiled. The Love Vibration, the consciousness of what Love is and of all that this can allow you to realize, will allow you to remove these veils little by little that are hiding your spiritual consciousness.

This is what you have come to Earth to experience! You will experience many other things of course but you have also come to create. From the moment that you have been created by the Creator Gods, in a certain way, by the Source, by the Suns, you have also within you the possibility of creating, at inferior levels obviously.

What is learned in the matter of the third dimension is precious for the superior dimensions because the creation is different, it is done by the spirit; it is above all Love that is totally different.

Love that you learn in matter builds souls, builds beings and can of course destroy them if it is refused, if it is not understood or experienced. We are simply talking about the building, the extraordinary transformation that successive openings of consciousness procure from what the Love Vibration can be.”

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