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Beings of Light Commitment

We, your Brothers of Light,
commit ourselves to open the path for you as long as each one of you desires to go on the journey that we will show you.

We, your Brothers of Light,
commit ourselves to have you go through experiences that will make you grow, and sometimes suffer, so that you can acquire discernment and greater emotional stability

We, your Brothers of Light,
commit ourselves to make you become aware that you belong to the Universe and to guide you toward the immense Joy where we will see all of us united.

We, your Brothers of Light,
commit ourselves to protect you along this path, as a mother protects her child, to give you all the necessary energy and Love that will allow you to move forward.

We will not hold you but will guide your steps! We will not take you by the hand but will give you the necessary strength so that you can join us!

We, your Brothers of Light,
commit ourselves to give all you need as you progressively understand, so that you can progress better and faster toward the Light!

Dear friends,

First of all, I would like to thank you for accompanying us on this journey of Light.
It is very important, at the present time that as many people as possible
experience this inner transformation. Thus we will be able
to help those around us and the Earth toward the great transition.

For 22 years, the Beings of Light have been teaching us with a lot of patience and Love
to become conscious of who we are and to acquire much more wisdom.

This teaching has not changed much from the very beginning because it is Universal;
only the way that I channel (it is easier for me now) has changed.
That is why the dates are not very important, and we do not put them in our texts on the Internet.

A teaching of Wisdom and Love is always the same through time.
However, when there are specific messages for specific events, the dates might be important.

Nevertheless (as the Beings of Light are telling us), since we are artisans of our becoming,
we can, with our behavior, change certain events that are difficult for humankind.
This is why it is very important to transform ourselves.

It is therefore essential to remain positive in our thoughts, in our words, to pray and to send lots of Love to all
our human brothers, to all of life as well as to our Mother the Earth.

Let us all be united in this beautiful journey of Light.

I send you all my thoughts of Love.


How Monique became a channel


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